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Staff Directory


If you would like to speak with a live representative, please call our general number 661-362-3033 during Student Business Office Office Hours.

If you have general questions, please email us at Please allow up to 72 hours for a representative to respond to your email. 

If you need to contact a specific Student Business Office representative, the best way to contact them is to email them directly.  


Kathy Benz
Director, Student Business Office
Telephone (661) 362-3032

Maria Esparza
SBO Accounting Technician
Telephone (661) 362-3781

Alex Mendez
SBO Accounting Technician
Telephone (661) 362-3628


Beny Babasi
Student Services Lead Coordinator
Telephone (661) 362-3483

Gabriela Garcia
SBO Accounting Technician
Telephone (661) 362-3782

Carmen Oushana
Student Services Specialist
Telephone (661) 362-3033