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Q. What is architecture? How much money do Architects make?

A. Architecture is the art and science of designing habitable buildings and structures. Architects are hired by clients to create architectural designs that organize space & physical form in order to create new places for people to live, work, meet, and play. Salaries for licensed Architects can vary greatly depending on region, types of projects, and experience. Generally, a licensed Architect in Southern California will earn anywhere between $75,000 - $250,000 per year.

Q. I'm currently not a COC student, but interested in taking Architecture classes. How do I start?

A. The application to become a College of the Canyons student is available online here. You will be able to enroll in classes once the application process has been completed.


Q. What classes should I take?

A. Each students academic & career goals are different and often informed by the unique circumstances of their life, so it is highly recommended that you schedule an advising appointment with the department chair Jason Oliver to discuss specific class selection recommendations and to develop a plan for achieving your academic & career goals. To assist with your class selection process, a roadmap has been prepared to help guide towards earning the Architectural Drafting and Technology A.S. Degree within 2 years, click here for the Roadmap, and the Summer Start Roadmap.

Architecture student working on project.

Q. I want to become a licensed Architect in California what is involved and how long will it take?

A. It can take anywhere from 6 years (minimum) to up to 12 years from the time you begin your education to becoming a state licensed Architect. During that time you will need to earn a degree related to Architecture (such as the A.S. Degree in Architectural Drafting and Technology from College of the Canyons) or a professional B. Arch or M. Arch degree, work as an Architectural Intern (earning $), and then pass the state licensure exams.

The Associate of Science Degree - Architectural Drafting and Technology offered at College of the Canyons provides students with a solid foundation for pursuing architectural licensure in the state of California including the acquisition of in-demand internship skills and academic coursework for students wishing to transfer with advanced standing to a 4-year pre-professional / 5-year professional Architecture degree program. More information on the requirements for becoming a California licensed Architect can be found here and here. Similarly, the entire licensure and internship process is explored in detail in the ARCHT-100 Careers in Architecture, Interior Design and Related Fields course.

Architecture instructor working with student on project.


Q. I'm not sure I want to devote that many years towards becoming a licensed Architect. What are some other career opportunities I can pursue after earning an A.S. Architectural Drafting & Technology degree or Certificate at COC?

- Architectural Intern
- Designer
- Job Captain
- Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Technician
- 3d Modeler (for Architecture / Interior Design)
- 3d Modeler (for Games and Film)
- Building Project Coordinator
- LEED Project Coordinator
- Project Manager Assistant
- Permit Expeditor

Architectural Internship and Job Opportunities:
Once you have become a student of the COC Architecture and Interior Design program, you'll have access to our ARCHID LinkedIn job database which provides job leads and connections to local employers specifically looking to hire COC Architecture and Interior Design students for paid positions.


Q. Are there scholarship opportunities available?

A. Yes..! The Architecture and Interior Design program annually offers McAvoy Innovation Scholarships for currently enrolled students, plus COC offers a great variety of other scholarships available for all students - College of the Canyons Scholarship Awards.

Don't see an answer to your question? Please contact the department chair Jason Oliver ( or 661.362.3316) with your question or for further program information.