Art Department

The Art Department program at College of the Canyons provides students with introductory courses in the fine arts. The current program offers both studio and lecture sections, all of which transfer to University of California, and California State University, as well as to most private art colleges in the nation. The College of the Canyons catalog virtually mirrors California State University's lower division requirements for a BA at the freshman and sophomore levels. The art program provides a wide range of skills. Studio courses at the beginning and intermediate levels include: beginning drawing, life drawing, 2D design, 3D design, sculpture, two levels of printmaking, painting, watercolor painting and illustration. Art appreciation and art history courses survey the development of art from the Paleolithic period to the present. In addition to developing critical and creative skills, art students have many opportunities to get involved in contemporary art culture. As part of the regular program, students will do many of the following activities: visit local art exhibitions, artists' studios, private collections and art libraries; gain experience at review writing. The art gallery provides a program of up to five exhibitions a year. While our exhibition schedule represents diversity in culture and style, it also parallels the curriculum of the fine and applied arts departments. The COC Art Gallery serves as an instructional tool for all visual arts courses and the college at large - indicating relationships with other academic departments and the community.