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The Biology Outreach program has been in existence for 10 years and has provided high school faculty and students with invaluable resources. We at Outreach are dedicated to improving the lives of science teachers within the classroom. We see the Biology and Chemistry modules that we create as tools for the modern science class. Each module is comprised of he necessary equipment and materials for a full lab exercise. What Outreach provides is a feedback-friendly system where modules are ever-adapting to fit the needs of the classroom. We currently host 6 modules intended to supplement the learning of introductory through advanced levels of material. In addition to the materials, equipment, and ready-to-use reagents each module extends upon a variety of NGSS standards. Supplementary questions are also provided to allow teachers; to expand upon the material, use as quiz/exam questions, and/or swap out questions from those provided in the lab. Our modules are used in Biology, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Molecular Genetics, and Honors Microbiolgy. If you have any requests or suggestions regarding the provided supplementary questions or current roster of modules please don't hesitate to contact Jim Wolf or Patrick Allen.


Central to the outreach program philosophy is the idea that we are here to help you with Biology in the classroom. Biology, by its very nature, is a daunting subject difficult to integrate into today's classroom setting. Whether you are interested in attending an outreach workshop or have questions about using the program at your school (or just want to express some concern on how a particular lab may be made better) we are here to help.

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Please contact Professor Wolf or Patrick Allen if you have questions.