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Start Learning on the go! Learn in 10-20 minutes what you NEED to know from 2-3 hours of reading chapters! Find the Podcast that is about your subject. Download it. Listen either while on a break, on the bus or walking. These Podcasts will help you get to the heart of the material in a no nonsense and easy to understand way, with a clear definition of what you need to know.


 Biological Chemistry

Chemistry and how it relates to organisms by looking at the most common building blocks, functional groups and reactions.

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Enzymes, Enzymes and more Enzymes... and if your not sure what an enzymes is. Here you go.

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 Probing the Cell

This is great for understanding what a cell is and what its functions are.

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Probing the Cell: "Cell Membranes and Osmosis"

Take a look at the cell, its osmotic properties and fluidity of the membrane.

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 DNA Analysis- Part One

Part one is understanding the components of DNA, what is DNA, and what makes DNA so versatile.

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 DNA Analysis- Part Two

Part two goes more into understanding DNA.

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 Protein Standard Curve

This help you understand how to find an unknown. By taking data from tests, you can make a guess of what your unknown sample possibly is. Great "CSI" biotech stuff!!!!! 

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 Transformation CaCl2

This will give you all the the great highlights of a bacterial transformation.

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 Transformation Lab Hints

Lab Hints for those of you who don't like to reinvent the wheel or those who want to cover all bases.

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