Construction Management AS Degree & Certificate

The Construction Management Program offers both an Associate of Science Degree and a Certificate of Achievement. 

The only difference between the Degree and the Certificate is the completion of the colleges general education requirements. The Degree is 33 program units + 27 general education units (for a total of 60 units) and the Certificate is 33 program units.

The Construction Management Technology program is designed to prepare students with the foundation needed to meet the current technological requirements of the construction workplace. The program has two tracks:one for those interested in transfer to a four-year college or university to major in Construction Engineering Technology or Construction Management; the other option is for those students already employed in the construction industry or who plan to enter the industry after completion of a certificate or associate degree. The certificate and associate degree curriculum provides students with the industry identified skill competencies for entry into the field.

Student Learning Outcome: Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core skills and knowledge required for employment in construction management.

Program RequirementsUnits Required: 33

CONST-101 Introduction to Construction and Construction Engineering | 2 units
CONST-102 Construction Management Principles | 3 units
CONST-103 Blueprint Reading for Construction | 3 units
CONST-104 The Construction Process - Planning and Scheduling | 3 units
CONST-105 Construction Estimating Principles | 3 units 
CONST-106 Survey of Construction Contracts and Laws | 3 units
CONST-108 Introduction to Construction Inspection and Codes | 2 units
SURV-101 Introduction to Land Surveying | 4 units

Plus ten units from the following: (A minimum of one unit must be completed in CWE-188CNST).
ARCHT-110 Architectural Drafting | 3 units
ARCHT-140 Materials and Methods of Construction | 3 units
BUS-101 Bookkeeping and Accounting | 5 units
CWE-188CNST Cooperative Work Experience Education | 1 - 4 units
MFGT-090 Measurements and Computations | 3 units

Wooden framed roof.

Construction zone with cranes.