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Faculty Contact

Last, First Name Email Phone Number Office Location
Aboulian, Annie  661-362-3120 SCOH-212
Angelino, Mary 661-362-3592 SCOH-303
Buriel, Juan R. 661-362-3656 SCOH-202F
Burnett, Leslie 661-362-3086 MENH-212
Daly, Colleen    BONH-312
Deanna, Davis  661-362-3532 BONH-322
Delaney, Erin 661-362-3153 SCOH-301
Dimakos, Alexandra 661-362-3262 SCOH-301
Dimock, Chase 661-362-5608 ALLB-306
Dreiling, Ron 661-362-3068 HSLH-328
Edwards, Mike    BONH-312
Fannon, Jeremy    BONH-312
George, Tricia 661-362-3311 SCOH-312B
Glapa-Grossklag, Anna    BONH-312
Granillo, Ashley Jean    BONH-312
Haglund, Kim    BONH-312
Harutunian, Mike 661-362-3547 BONH-326
Hauss, Jennifer 661-362-3422 BONH-320
Hoelle, Nicole    BONH-312
Iskander, Christine 661-362-3594 SCOH-303
Kaiserman, Adam 661-362-3108 HSLH-236
Kasdorf, Ron    BONH-312
Kempler, Adam 661-362-3266 ALLB-208
Kent-Stacy, Elana    BONH-312
McMillen, Abbie    BONH-312
Newcomer, Caitllin 661-362-5615 SCOH-307
Portillo, Dan    BONH-312
Powell, Mary 661-362-3162 SCOH-312B
Powell, Anne    BONH-312
Powell, Kathleen    BONH-312
Rassool, Ruth    BONH-312
Rawley, Kim    BONH-312
Reyes, Laurisa    BONH-312
Russell, Christy    BONH-312
Sever, Kirk    BONH-312
Sherard, Tracey 661-362-5921 ALLB-204
Small, Jessica   BONH-312
Tarie, Naomi    BONH-312
Wallace, Lisa 661-362-3091 MENH-318
Wood, Lorrie    BONH-312