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Fire Service Management In-Service AS Degree

Associate in Science Degree: Fire Service Management In-Service
This degree is for the fire service professional who wishes to advance to the rank of Company Officer. Upon completing the degree program, fire service professionals will further their knowledge in the following areas: Human Resource Management, General Administrative Functions, Fire Inspections and Investigation, All-Risk Command Operations, Wildland Incident Operations, Instructional Methodology, Safety and Survival, as well as Tactics and Strategy.

Degree Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to implement an action plan for a posed emergency incident to mitigate the situation.

Program Requirements:
Units Required: 20

Principles of Fire and Emergency Service Administration | 3 units
Principles of Fire and Emergency Services & Survival | 3 units
Firefighting Tactics and Strategy | 3 units
Company Officer 2A: Human Resource Management for Company Officers | 2 units
Company Officer 2B: General Administrative Functions for Company Officers | 1 unit
Company Officer 2C: Fire Inspections and Investigation for Company Officers | 2 units
Company Officer 2D: All-Risk Command Operations for Company Officers | 2 units
Company Officer 2E: Wildland Incident Operations for Company Officers | 2 units
Instructor I: Instructional Methodology | 2 units

Firefighters fighting rooftop fires using extention ladder.