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Student Advice

Recent graduating student advice to new students:

Nicole Lyons
"Make sure you have taken all of your English classes before you start classes so you have a solid reading and writing background. Also, be prepared to work hard because there is a lot of content to cover."

Chelsea Johnson
"The program is flexible and it's easy to fit around your schedule. The teachers I've had have been open about answering questions and providing feedback."

Shana Morrile

"I would advise them to approach their homework/projects in the programs not just as school work and to prepare them with the thought in mind that all prospective employers will be viewing them-should be A+ work. Also, keep all your work! Back it up!"

Graduation Day for Paralegal students at College of the Canyons.


Barbara E. Sanchez
"The information on the COC Paralegal website describes the job perfectly. If your skills and interests match the description of a paralegal, you attend classes and do your best work, you will be happy with the program."


"It's a great program and because the classes are offered in the evening, it's convenient. All the teachers I've had have been wonderful and willing to help their students."

Michelle Adame

"Make sure you attend an ABA-approved program like College of the Canyons. Potential employers will require this distinction in the hiring process. COC's Paralegal Department is the perfect program to invest in your legal career."

Denise Lopez

"Talk to the director of the program before commencing. Save Work For Portfolio!"

Crystal Mendoza
"My advice would be for them to take the classes really seriously/pay attention, and if they have a full-time job, time management is crucial."

Paralegal student working and studying.

Paralegal student working and studying.


Luis Gallegos
"Be prepared to work hard."

Ashley L. Holmes
"You want to put your all in your courses because this a great career you are going into."

Mallory Cortez
"Start the program ASAP. Great learning experience. Education in this field is much more important than you think."

Stephanie Azzinari
"Make sure it is something you want to pursue. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something. The majority of the professors are willing to answer any and all questions."

College of the Canyons library.


Keila Albarron
"Do it! It's a great program and it's ABA approved which makes it even better."

Lesley Washington

"To make sure you are serious about the program."

Jessica Chavez
"Would also suggest maintaining and building portfolio as you go so that you can have your portfolio as you go in case you find a job."

Felipe Alejandre
"It's a great program because you receive hands-on experience and it's ABA approved. Make sure you do the work on time."


The ABA stresses that paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.