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Associate Degree

Recreation Management Course Sequence for AA Degree

An Associate in Arts in Recreation Management involves classes and field experiences in the areas of recreation and leisure for all age groups. Recreation managers are responsible for assisting and planning a variety of programs and overseeing the daily operations of one or more recreational facilities for an agency (i.e. city, county, state, or federal) including community service related programs and activities. This program also provides the student with experience in variety of recreation and leisure industry settings.

Course work includes classes on recreation and leisure in contemporary society, planning programs and events, therapeutic recreation with special populations, resource and visitor management, emergency procedures, courses in sociology and psychology as well as field work experiences.

Associate in Arts Degree: Recreation Management

Units required for major: 23-24

Program Requirements (Total 12 units)

Course ID Course Title Units
REC 101 Recreation and Leisure in Contemporary Society 3
REC 102 Planning Programs and Events for Recreation Experiences 3
REC 103 Outdoor Recreation and the Natural Environment 3
REC 105 Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Services 3

Plus three courses (8-9 units) from the following:

Course ID Course Title Units
REC104 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation and Special Populations (SP)  3
ENVRMT 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies 3
BIOSCI 130 Environmental Biology 3
KPET120 Emergency Procedures (FA, SP)  2
KPET217 Sports Management (SP) 3
HRMGT101 Introduction to Hospitality Industry 3
BUS 201 Principals of Accounting I 5
SOCI 233* Sociological Issues of Life and Longevity (FA, SP)  3
NOTE: SOCI 233* also meets the AA GE Diversity Requirement

Required Major Electives: Select one course from the following:

Course ID Course Title Units
REC 120 Introduction to Hiking 1
REC 121 Introduction to Camping 1
REC 122 Introduction to Backpacking 2
REC 123 Wilderness Survival (coming soon) 2
REC 124 Rock Climbing (coming soon) 2

*Consult with your academic advisor regarding transfer requirements.