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Welcome to the Recreation Management Program at College of the Canyons!

Program Mission:

The Recreation Management Program aims to provide students the foundational skills necessary for entry level employment in the Recreation and Leisure Industry and to support students in their academic goals of earning an AA Degree in Recreation Management or meeting the transfer requirements for related bachelor degree programs.

Program Goals:

  1. Provide students an opportunity to complete an AA Degree in Recreation Management and prepare for transfer to bachelor programs related to recreation, tourism, and hospitality.
  2. Introduce students to the variety of academic disciplines and career opportunities within the industry.
  3. Introduce students to the historical and contemporary trends impacting the recreation industry.
  4. Provide students an opportunity to develop key job skills such leadership, program planning, resource management, and provision for access and accommodations.
  5. Provide students the opportunity to explore the value of recreation and leisure in their personal quality of life.
  6. Promote the value of positive recreation and leisure outcomes in nurturing individual and community wellness.

To accomplish these goals we sponsor a broad based curriculum which introduces students to the variety of work environments and career opportunities under the umbrella of recreation and leisure industry. The core curriculum provides students with entry level jobs skills identified and defined in partnership with community and business leaders within the industry as well as the courses required for transferring into related bachelor programs. Program emphasis is on experiential learning. Students will engage in community service and project based learning as a routine part of their academic and professional growth.

In today's modern fast paced society, innovation and technology are changing how, where and when we work. Consequently, how we play, enjoy leisure time and get involved in recreation is evolving and changing as well. The diverse profession of Recreation Management focuses on creating and providing a variety of recreational experiences to communities and individuals. The Recreation Management Program at College of the Canyons introduces students to a variety of recreational settings and career opportunities. The Associate Arts Degree in Recreation Management serves to prepare students for entry level jobs in the field and to meet the transfer requirements for a bachelors degree in a related program.

Program Student Learning Outcome: Upon completion of the program students will be able to "Analyze the motives, values, and benefits to the individual as well as society, that are attributed to recreation and leisure experiences".

Why Recreation Management? In the United States, sports, recreation and leisure is a multi-billion dollar industry. Professionals working in a variety of public settings and private businesses are earning a living in the recreation and leisure service industry.

COC Recreation Management Program Brochure

Nature of the Work Includes: Develop and implement programs for institutional and community centers; develop and implement programs for diverse and special populations; train and evaluate staff, oversee the operations of recreational facilities; organize and direct special events for public and private entities; strategic planning for facilities, budgets and recreational programs for municipalities; coordinate and schedule sporting events.