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Public Safety

Executive Dean, Instructional Services and Public Safety - Dr. Jennifer Brezina (661) 362-3035
Instructional Services Agreement (ISA) Coordinator - Ms. Kim Arredondo (661) 362-3729

In the school Public Safety, you will focus on programs of study that prepare you for certificates, degrees, transfer, and careers in fields related to public service.



Do these characteristics describe you?

  • Likes to take care of others when they are sick or injured
  • Not rattled by blood or seeing someone injured
  • Steps up without prompt to help others whenever you see someone in need
  • Enjoys detective work and investigating
  • Values having a profession that is respected by the community
  • Enjoys variety in work pace: from a fast paced, dynamic environment to a normal pace with a focus on relationships
  • Enjoys having the option of working by yourself, such as in a lab, or working as part of a team, such as fire fighters
  • Enjoys ongoing learning and being intellectually challenged
  • Enjoys having multiple pathways for career development

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Administration of Justice

Emergency Medical Technician

Health Science  

Fire Technology