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School of Visual and Performing Arts

Dean - Dr. Jennifer Smolos Steele  (661) 362-3116
Administrative Assistant - Christy Inberg (661) 362-5013

In the School of Visual and Performing Arts, you will focus on programs of study that prepare you for certificates, degrees, transfer, and careers in visual and performing arts.

Do these characteristics describe you?

  • I appreciate the arts.
  • I like to create new things or ideas.
  • Self-expression is important to me.
  • I work well in unstructured situations.
  • I like to speak and/or perform in front of people.
  • I enjoy being around imaginative individuals.
  • I am attracted to creativity or cultural expression.
  • I am independent, original, or innovative.
  • I like to create things that entertain or inform others.

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