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Program Level Student Learning Outcomes
For Program Level Outcomes Assessment Results, please see the Student Learning Outcomes website.









Graphic & Multimedia Design



Media Entertainment Arts












Students completing the series of art classes will be able to analyze and interpret works of cultural importance.




Students will be able to build and present a professional portfolio highlighting technical skill, conceptual ability, and creative achievement in graphic design for print.


Students will be able to: - Create portfolio-ready artwork demonstrating their mastery of the fundamentals of concept art and 2D animation. - Critique animation projects using industry standards.


Students will be able to apply theoretical music concepts and performance-based skills to produce and to create original music.


Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core academic skills and knowledge required for transfer into a photography program at a four-year college or university.


Students will be able to: Demonstrate a basic level of competency as a performer or technician (stagecraft, make-up design, costume construction or stage lighting technology) performing the duties of either in a realized production. Analyze and critique dramatic literature and/or performance.