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New Works Production History

NWF 2014 - 14th Annual  

  • Why She Crashed His Wedding by David Francis
  • Seizure Boy & the Winchester Mile by Ggreg Snyder
  • Prodigal by Harry McNeill
  • The Bloody Men by Josh Vostk
  • Pogrom in Pelzer by Mark Charney
  • The Silent Majority by Spencer Hearne  

NWF 2013 - 13th Annual 

  • Sundays by Heather Mermelstein 
  • Bruno’s Place by Ronald Rae
  • Unveiling the Chador by Shirin Sharif
  • Tiny Little Nothings by David Francis
  • Wrangler by Kevin Anthony
  • Rumi’s American Step Child   by Shirin Sharif
  • A Delicate Dance by Karen Gorback
  • Shakespeare in Shambles by Wade Bradford
  • Special reading of Clayton Tells a Fib  by Mark J. Charney

NWF 2012 - 12th Annual

  • Group Therapy    by Rachel Randall
  • Time to Talk    by Rachel Randall
  • Headspace by Bonnie Sludikoff
  • Zombie Romance by Sarah Oh
  • Burning Love by Karen Howes
  • I’m Not Sasha by David Francis
  • Closet-Cold Feet by Brittany E. Williams
  • The Viper by Kevin Rae

NWF 2011 - 11th Annual

  • Tiny Parasols     written by Colleen Niemi
  • Surprise Party     written by Stefanie Oberhansley
  • Year of the Dog    written by Ggreg Snyder
  • Cheesecake & Chips    written by Karen Gorback
  • Taking Chances    written by Tammie Decker
  • Listing    written by Dean Stewart
  • Big Top    written by Ronald Rae
  • Homecoming    written by Kevin Anthony
  • Adenovsky's Lullaby    written by Colleen Niemi

NWF 2010 - 10th Annual

  • MURDER AT THE RAMSDELL    Written by Mimi Oden
  • THE CLIMB    Written by Kevin Anthony
  • FIVE MINUTES    Written by Dana Silverman
  • REUNION    Written by Dean Stewart
  • RULES    Written by Colleen Niemi
  • CREPE PAPER BLUES    Written by Dean Stewart
  • GENTLEMEN    Written by Colleen Niemi
  • ONE GOOD THING    Written by Allston James
  • SHOULDER PEOPLE    Written by Spencer Hearne
  • THE TROUBLE WITH MALE HANDS    Written by David Francis
  • FIVE MINUTES    Written by Dana Silverman

NWF 2009 - 9th Annual

  • Duet in Platinum by Alliston James
  • Down by Jorden Samois 
  • Wade & Women by Kendall Sherwood
  • Hermes Does Theatre by Michael Davis
  • There is a Season by Karen Gorback
  • Rain Check by Dean Stewart
  • Incidents in the Life of a Transgendered Girl by Katrina Langford
  • What We Thought Was Love by David Francis
  • Dark Ladder by Colleen Niemi
  • Box: A Romantic Ending by Joseph Camhi

NWF 2008 - 8th Annual

  • Bookish  by Dean Stewart
  • Endgame  by David Wisehart
  • 34 Degrees and Falling  by Richard McNally
  • Meet Cute  by Sarah Oh
  • Divans  by Debra Zednik
  • UN  by David Wisehart
  • Shooting Blanks   by Mark Charney
  • The Pill  by Renè Solivan
  • Bay City Confidential  by Carlos Castillo
  • Roses Can Kill  by Colleen Niemi
  • A Dirty Joke  by Joseph Camhi

2009 - Creation & Response: The Audience Talk-Back   Guest artist, directors and playwrights discuss the value of the audience feedback in the creation of new plays.

2008 - Creation, Interpretation and Evaluation: The Cycle of Producing New Work. An examination of producing new work from three viewpoints: the playwright, the director and the critic. Guest Artists: Randy Trabitz, Mark Charney and Todd Birnbuam

Every Year we included these event as part of the Festival

An evening of new & original Solo performances, developed from the work with Susan Hinshaw.

New Works Reception
The New Works Reception is a fund-raising event in support of the New Works Festival.  The casual atmosphere brings together the playwrights, actors and audience for casual discussion and feedback in an inviting and festive atmosphere.  Light refreshments will be served. The event is held in the Green Room of the Performing Arts Center. All donations and proceeds go in support of the New Works Festival and its ongoing activities.

​To contact us:
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