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Welcome to TLC Tutoring 

In-Person & Online

Our tutors are truly amazing! They are knowledgeable, patient and understanding, and are dedicated to helping students from all backgrounds reach their academic goals.

All TLC services require your COC ID Number.

Tutor working with a studentIn-Person Tutoring

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Tutor working with student onlineTLC Online Tutoring

  • TLC Hours

    Zoom Instructions
    :  Please have your Student ID number, class title and professor's name ready.

    The TLC Host will greet you and ask you which class you need tutoring in, and will assign you to a tutor to work with.

    If you find yourself in a waiting room, it means that the TLC host is currently assisting another student. They will let you in to our lobby as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience!

    Please feel free to contact Alex Halcyon with any questions you may have. He can be reached at 661-362-3349 or

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Tutor working in a classroomIn-Classroom Tutoring

  • The in-classroom tutor, or "embedded tutor",  works directly in the classroom, face-to-face and/or online, to assist the instructor in helping students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement.

Embedded Tutoring Guide


What We Tutor

    • We provide free individual tutoring in Accounting, Business, Biological Sciences, Business Math/Accounting, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Statistics classes, and more...

    •  Just raise your hand and a tutor will be right over to help you!  

    • Students may return as often as they like. We are an excellent and productive between class stop.

    • We have textbooks, calculators and solutions manuals available for many of the classes that are available during your stay in the TLC.

    What Can You Expect?

    • Individual help with math and science skills: As long as you are enrolled in a math or science class at College of the Canyons, TLC tutors will help you with homework and understanding processes and concepts from basic skills classes all the way through the more advanced classes.

    • Tutors can calso help with computer programs used in Statistics and other math classes is also available.

    • Our tutors are trained to be patient, kind, and to listen.  They are aware of the demands and challenges college students face and are friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive. We love to see that Aha! moment.

    For more information, please contact Nolan Johnston at

    • We provide free individual tutoring in English, ESL, History, Psychology, Language classes and more..

    • English/Writing tutors are available to help students with writing assignments in any class they are currently enrolled in at COC. 

    • During select hours, you can also receive concept-specific tutoring for French, Spanish, German, ASL, History, Sociology, Psychology, Paralegal, Political Science, and Philosophy.

    • Other types of writing such as personal letters, dissertations, assignments for other high schools or colleges, or resumes and college applications ARE NOT* handled in The Learning Center. *For assistance with non class-related writing such as resumes or dissertations, please contact the Career Center. For assistance with personal letters/applications, please contact the Transfer Center.

      What Can I Expect?

    • Students can expect individual help with writing problems, grammar, mechanics, and organization, brainstorming, or assistance with any stage of the writing process across disciplines.

    • Students can also receive assistance with formatting and citing references in MLA, AMA, Chicago, ASA, and APA, reading strategies, and help with online research and general study skills.
    • Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes or less, and students may return after revision for a second tutoring session.

    • Tutors are generally COC (or former COC) students who have excelled in a particular subject and have been recommended by faculty. These tutors have also gone through extensive training, and several of them hold bachelor or master degrees in the subjects they tutor.

      Tutors Will Not:

      • Give students their own email addresses.
      • Line edit a student paper.
      • Discuss or predict a grade on a paper.
      • Proofread or correct a students paper.
      • Write student papers.
      • Read hand-written papers or journals.
      • Read papers for a student who is not physically present.
      • Stamp a paper when a tutoring session has not been completed.

      Click here to learn how to prepare for a writing tutoring session! 

       For more information, please contact Fred Bobola at

    • We provide free individual tutoring in Computer Information Technology, Multimedia, and Computer Science classes to all College of the Canyons students.

    • Computer tutors are present during all operating hours at both the Canyon Country and Valencia Campuses and Online.

    • For more information, contact Alex Halcyon at