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Embedded Tutoring

Embedded tutoring is an excellent way to provide personalized support and guidance to students in the classroom to help them succeed in their coursework.

  • An embedded tutor works directly in the classroom, face-to-face and/or online, to assist the instructor in helping students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement.

    The Embedded Tutor:

    • Provides one-on-one and group assistance, guides students, provides feedback, and answers questions during class activities
    • Provides one-on-one and/or group tutoring sessions for students outside of the designed class time in The Learning Center (TLC)
    • Helps students connect with other campus support services
  • Embedded Tutors are expected to:

    • Help students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement
    • Give students individualized attention and answer questions during class activities
    • Follow the instructor’s directions on how they can help during each class meeting
    • Optimize classroom learning by leading students in face-to-face and/or online activities, which include going over assignments, reviewing key lessons, and preparing for upcoming exams
    • Be proactive in communicating on a regular basis with the instructor regarding any questions and/or concerns
    • Act as an ambassador for The Learning Center (TLC) and encourage students to use TLC services
    • Be a positive role model by being patient, punctual, polite, and professional with the instructor and students

    Embedded Tutors will not:

    • Take on any teaching responsibilities, or lead the class without the instructor present
    • Grade papers or exams, proctor quizzes or tests, prepare lessons, or enforce class management
    • Function as a personal assistant to the instructor; Tutors should not be asked to prep lessons, run errands, photocopy materials, etc.
    • Become a teaching assistant to the instructor. A teaching assistant has a different role than an embedded tutor
    • Faculty email TLC Coordinators to request an Embedded Tutor five to six weeks prior to start of semester
    • Faculty identify and refer qualified students to TLC Coordinators (see Tutor Eligibility)
    • Potential tutors submit TLC Tutor Application to TLC Coordinators
    • TLC Coordinators interview applicants
    • Tutors begin and complete the Hiring Process
    • Tutors must be Board Approved prior to any trainings or start date
    • Tutors attend TLC mandatory trainings in tutor techniques, sexual harassment, racism, FERPA and customer service
    • TLC Coordinators work with respective faculty to schedule all embedded tutors
    • TLC Coordinators obtain appropriate signatures and submit monthly timesheet

    NOTE:  Requests are approved by TLC based on need, availability, and funding.

    • Receive recommendation from a COC instructor
    • Complete the TLC Tutor Application
    • Interview with TLC Coordinator
    • Faculty receive 1 hour training on best practicies.
    • Tutors receive training on tutoring practices, maintaining boundaries, and FERPA.