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Program Review Committee


Commitee Mission Statement

The purpose of the Program Review Committee (an Academic Senate subcommittee) is to provide training, advisement and assistance to College of the Canyons faculty and staff to facilitate and improve the program review process. The committee will provide leadership and guidance by reviewing comprehensive program reviews, annual plans, outcomes and assessment cycles, and evaluating the program review planning process.

Committee Oversight

The Academic Senate reviews the activity of the Committee and gives general direction to its work.

Committee Duties and Functions

The Program Review Committee will be responsible for maintaining a process by which instructional and academic support programs (TLC, Library, Counseling, Service Learning, etc.) systematically assess themselves to ensure currency, relevance, appropriateness, and achievement of stated goals and outcomes.

  • The committee will review all proposed procedural and content changes to the program review including budget processes.
  • The Committee will develop, write, evaluate and update program review forms and procedures in collaboration with other constituencies, as appropriate.
  • Review final instructional and academic support program reviews, identifying themes, and providing advisory guidance to faculty, staff andadministrators.
  • Provide an annual report of its activities and actions to the College Planning Team, the Academic Senate, and other constituencies.

List of current committee members

PR by-laws