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Join us in our efforts and help bring back the Bluebirds!


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What is our Purpose? 

This Bluebird Restoration Project is co-Sponsored by the COC Interim Sustainability Center and the Santa Clarita Environmental Education Consortium (SCEEC). This project seeks to restore the Bluebird population on campus and in our community at large.

Baby Bluebird

 Why is this Important?

Due to rapid development in Southern California, as well as fire suppression efforts and competition from other species, the Western Bluebird Faces decline in population. The lack of nesting cavities resulted in the severe decline in Bluebird populations.

 How are we helping to restore the Bluebird population?

The COC Western Bluebird Restoration Project serves two main goals: habit restoration and environmental education. Each phase includes practical steps for restoring habits in Santa Clarita and advocating conservation efforts for years to come!

As of December 2013, WHAT have we done?

  • SCEEC members and volunteers have attended local events, such as, the Citys annual Earth Arbor Day, the Citys River Rally Event, etc. Participating in these events were mainly to educate community members about the declining Bluebird population and the need for cavity nests.
  • SCEEC attracts and informs the public about our Bluebird Restoration Project
  • Local families purchase Bluebird nests boxes to hang on their own backyards.
  • As part of Phase 1 of the Project, 10 Bluebird nest boxes were placed throughout the COC Valencia 150-acre campus.
  • SCEEC continues to widen its outreach and training to college students and K-12 students in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

WHERE are we now?

  • With the relaying of information to further grow this Restoration Project outside of COC.
  • SCEEC members and volunteers have scheduled visits to K-12 schools among this valley. So far, we have visited the Santa Clarita Elementary School, West Ranch High School, Emblem Academy, and the Jo Anne Darcy Canyon Country Public Library!
  • We are currently working on a couple more school districts, because as you may know, nesting season for these Western Bluebird species is mid-March to early-April. (We don't want to miss the nesting period!) 

How to I follow up?

The COC Sustainability Center maintains a free lending library of books and handouts to provide clear instructions on proper care procedures when it comes to nesting your own Bluebird box. We just ask that you keep track of any sightings of birds, nesting, and/ or eggs, and also take pictures! We would love to see this Project flourish, not only on campus, nut in the Santa Clarita community.

Contact Info

If you are a teacher or a community member who is interested in having a presentation at your school or workplace, please contact us! Also, if you have any questions, please email Fengyu Marina Hwang