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We want to thank you for your commitment to student success and excellence in education. We support your work and all you do to go above and beyond to provide academic guidance and encouragement for our College of the Canyons' students.

The College of the Canyons Foundation was founded in 1980 with the express purpose of assisting the college to facilitate student success and grow the impact and legacy of COC as a vital community asset.

Our hope is that this Development-In-A-Box will help you understand the power and potential of engaging the community, demonstrating our mission, and asking for financial support for your projects and programs.

We are here to help you in all of your fundraising efforts and we hope this tool-kit will be a resource for you as you develop resources for your own department and projects.

Thank you again for your ongoing support on-campus and in the community. Your partnership and team spirit is invaluable.

Best Wishes!

The COC Foundation