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OnBase : Quick Tip
Retrieve a Pre-Authorization Form

How to retrieve a Pre-Authorization and Supplementary Services Payment form.


  1. Open Google Chrome. (other browsers may work with limited access.)
  2. Login to
    1. UserName is LASTNAME_F: Last name, underscore, first-initial.
    2. Password is the same as your e-mail.
  3. Click on the MENU icon (top left)
  4. Click Open StatusView
  5. Open the Status View titled "Pre-Auth and Payment >> EMPLOYEES"
  6. Scroll down the the bottom of the tables.
  7. Locate the section for "FIND THE STATUS of an existing PRE-AUTH FORM"
  8. Enter your first name and last name
  9. Click Search**

The WORKFLOW STATUS column represents the step in the process.

Double click on the record to view it.

Retrieve a Supplementary Services Payment Form 

Once you've retrieved the pre-auth, you can quickly locate the associated payment forms.

 Right click anywhere within the form itself and choose Cross-References.

If any payment forms exist, in relation to the pre-authorization, they will all be listed.
Double click to view the Supplementary Services Payment form.

The PAYROLL tab also references the payment date. 

**Contact your division Dean with any concerns regarding this form.