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Fall 2024 Classes FAQ How-To Video Sample Schedules

Finish in Just 8 Weeks!

Focused. Flexible. Fast.

Focused Classes are designed to offer greater schedule flexibility while maximizing focus and increasing retention.




Reducing simultaneous classes increases information retention – and the accelerated pace helps keep you engaged.



More flexibility for family or work commitments. And, many classes are strategically scheduled at the Canyon Country campus.



Finish classes faster! Focused Classes allow you to start a class when you’re ready rather than at the start of a semester.

Sample Schedules

Graphic chart compares a traditional 16-week semester of four classes (Math, Economics, Business, and Communication) to a 16-week focused semester with Math and Business classes in the first eight weeks and Communication and Economics classes in the second eight weeks. A mixed semester example shows Math and Economics classes running the full 16 weeks, a Communication class in the first eight weeks, and a Business class in the second eight weeks.

In each of these scenarios, you are completing the same number of units, but with the Focused or Mixed semester schedule you have fewer classes to focus on at once.



  • Eight-week classes give part-time students the opportunity to focus on one to two courses at a time while completing more classes each semester. They can also take advantage of 8-week courses offered during the summer term to maintain their academic momentum.
  • Full-time students can enroll in the same number of units each semester but spread out over two 8-week terms. They can also take advantage of short-term courses offered during the winter and summer terms for additional learning opportunities each year.
  • Financial aid is awarded based on how many units you take each semester. To be eligible for financial aid, students should register for both 8-week terms in a given semester at the same time. For example, you should register for both Fall 1 and Fall 2 to maintain the equivalent of a full-time credit load.
  • Register for classes through MyCanyons during your registration appointment, or during open registration. New and returning students will need to reapply. Be sure to register for both 8-week terms at the same time when enrolling for fall or spring. This will help keep you on track for the most efficient course sequence to complete your program. Plus, registering for both 8-week terms at the same time ensures that you have enough units to stay eligible for financial aid.

    Registration Instructions

  • Yes, in an 8-week course you can expect to spend the same amount of total class time as in a traditional 16-week course. This can happen through more online work and/or longer individual class meeting times.
  • Since 8-week classes cover the same content that might be covered in a typical 16-week class, the courses will be paced more efficiently and require greater time commitment. However, since you are taking fewer classes at the same time in a focused semester, the workload should feel more manageable because you will have fewer courses to concentrate on at one time.
  • Yes. In fact, this format was designed with part-time students in mind. By taking fewer classes at the same time, part-time students can focus their limited time on those classes, increasing their chances of successfully passing the classes. By taking two classes during each 8-week session, students will still be able to complete four classes in a semester.
  • Yes. Students will still be able to choose between 8-week or 16-week classes, based on their preferred learning style. Some classes will continue to be offered only in the 16-week format, including some STEM courses and health occupation programs with clinicals.
  • High school students should meet with their high school counselors to decide if 8-week courses are suitable for them. Please follow the link for information on College NOW! and Concurrent Enrollment, which provide high school students the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses.

    Learn More

  • Please contact the Veterans Resource Center to determine how 8-week classes might affect your benefits.




How-To Video






Fall 2024 Focused Classes

These 8-week Focused Classes will be offered at the Canyon Country campus this fall.

Course ID No.
Automotive Technology 110, 114, 150, 180
Biological Sciences 201, 202 (A&P)
Business 201 (Accounting)
Chemistry 151, 201 (Gen Chem)
Communication Studies 105
Construction 025, 030, 032, 034, 040, 050
Early Childhood Education 101
Economics 201
History 111, 112
Math 100, 140 (Liberal Arts/Stats)
Photography 150
Political Science 150
Psychology 101, 172
Sociology 101
Spanish 101
Water Systems Technology 130, 131, 140, 141, 150, 151, 160, 161





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To find out if Focused Classes are right for you, be sure to consult with a counselor before registering.


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