College NOW!

College NOW! is a special admissions program that allows high school juniors and seniors to take college level classes while benefitting from having enrollment fees waived.

Grades K-10

Students in grades K-10 may be admitted if identified at the "genius level" through the WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) test. A student identified as a genius would be a student in K-10 who has a score of 150 or higher on the most current version of the WISC test. Those students meeting this criteria should contact the Admissions & Records office for more information.

Grades 11-12

Eleventh and 12th grade high school students who wish to take College of the Canyons classes must complete the steps below. College Now! students attending part-time may not enroll in more than 11.0 units per term and are exempt from paying unit enrollment fees. All other term fees, including non-resident tuition fees, must be paid at the time of registration. College Now! students who want to attend College of the Canyons full-time must be released from high school to do so. This means the student will be attending College of the Canyons full-time and not attending high school for the entire term. If a high school student is approved by their high school to attend full time, the student must pay the enrollment fee for all units.

College NOW! Student Checklist

College NOW! Student Checklist

  • Notice: An application is required for each semester/term you plan to attend as a high school student.

    Applying is easy and FREE! Complete and submit the California Community College application using the CCCApply website.

    Within 24-48 hours of submitting your application, you will receive an Admissions Acceptance email from the with instructions on how to complete the remaining steps.

    Important Information:

    • The application is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, not your phone.
    • Utilize Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Do not use Safari.

    First time applying?

    You will need to create a CCCApply account before starting your College of the Canyons application. Keep your CCCApply username and password in a safe place.  After creating your CCCApply account, you are ready to apply to College of the Canyons.

    Start at the CCC apply website by using the button below: 


    Need help creating your CCCApply account or submitting your college application? Refer to the How to Apply Guide found under Resources.

  • Once you have applied and received the college's "Admissions Acceptance" instruction email, you are ready to set up your student account in My Canyons.

    How to set up your My Canyons account:

    Click on the My Canyons logo My Canyons at the top of this webpage then -  

    1. Click on Students.
    2. Click on Create an Account/Reset your Login and Password.
    3. Enter the information needed on the screen. You will need your first name, last name, SSN or student ID number, date of birth, and then create a password.
    4. The username and password will be returned to the screen. Please print that page, write it down, or take a picture to have the information for the future.

    Already have a My Canyons account, and need to reactivate it?

    • If you remember your username and password, you can reactivate your account now.
    • If you do not remember your username and password, select "Student", and then select "Create an Account/Reset Your Login and Password" and reset your My Canyons account.

    Start creating your student My Canyons account now!

    My Canyons

    Need help creating your student My Canyons account? Refer to the How to Create a My Canyons Account found under Resources.

  • The Online Orientation is designed to provide you with information about college procedures, programs, support services and polices. Please give yourself about 30 minutes of quiet time to complete this step.

    Important Information:

    • This is a one- time orientation.
    • The orientation is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, not your phone.
    • Utilize Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Do not use Safari.
    • You must use your COC student ID number. Do not mistake this number for your CCC apply number, a confirmation number or your high school student ID number.

    Start your orientation now!

    Online Orientation

  • Notice: A special admission form is required for each semester/term you plan to attend as a high school student.

    Select the appropriate special admission form for the semester/term you are applying for.

    Consult with your high school counselor for recommendations and approval of degree-applicable COC course(s) to enroll in.

    Submit the College NOW! Form for the semester/term you are applying to before the high school registration date by either:

    • Emailing the completed form with all required signatures to  A scanned copy or picture will be accepted. Remember to send the front and back side of the form.
    • Dropping off in the Document Drop Box located on the COC Valencia Campus in the Campus Circle (Main entrance off Rockwell Canyon Road).  Please place your College NOW! Form in an envelope marked Admissions & Records - College NOW! Program.


    While campuses are closed and staff are temporarily working remotely, the college is accepting College NOW forms with electronic signatures by the student, parent/guardian, high school counselor and principal. Please reach out to your high school counselor for guidance on the process your high school has implemented for obtaining the required high school counselor and principal signatures.


    Registration occurs online, and may be completed on or after your assigned date and time. You can begin registering for classes on your assigned date and time, which can be found in your My Canyons account.

    Your registration date and time will be posted on your My Canyons account under 'My Registration Time' on:

    • April 1 for Summer
    • July 1 for Fall
    • October 1 for Spring and Winter terms

    High school registration typically takes place in:

    • Late May for Summer
    • Early August for Fall
    • Early December for Winter
    • Late January for Spring

    You can register for classes using My Canyons. You will select 'Register/Add Classes' from the Registration menu.

    My Canyons

    Notice: Payment for your classes is due at the time you register. Enrollment fees are waived for high school students ($46/unit); however, mandatory college fees are not waived. Your registration process is not complete until you have paid all fees for your classes. To view your semester statement, please select Student Bill/Reg. Statement in My Canyons.


  • Assessment in English or Math are needed if you plan to enroll in an English or Math course, or if a course has an English or Math prerequisite such as Economics 201. 

    Important Information:

    • Assessment is currently offered online and will provide you with your course placements in math and English/ESL.
    • You will first complete a short instructional training module, and then you will be provided with information on how to access and start the assessment itself.
    • The entire process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

    Additional resources can be found on the Assessment homepage.

    Start Assessment

  • Submit high school transcripts if you have taken, or currently in the process of completing the first levels of the language at your high school (i.e. Spanish 1 & 2).  Transcripts can be submitted by email to or by using the Document Drop Box located on the COC Valencia Campus in the Campus Circle.


Fall 2020 - College NOW! Schedule Coming Soon!
Courses offered at Hart District High Schools
Classes in session: TBD

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