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College NOW! & Concurrent Enrollment

The College NOW! and Concurrent Enrollment Program is a special admissions program that provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in college level courses taught outside of the regular high school day, either on a local high school campus during the fall/spring semesters (College NOW!) and/or at one of the College of the Canyons campuses during the fall/spring semesters and winter/summer terms (Concurrent Enrollment) while benefiting from having enrollment fees waived. 

Benefits to Participating in the Concurrent Enrollment Program

  • With over 190 Majors and Options to choose from, students can jump start their college career in many ways.

    • Explore college majors and careers or gain the skills you need to be successful in college with a counseling course (COUNS 110 or COUNS 150)
    • Complete coursework towards a certificate or associate degree
    • Complete general education and major prep requirements for transfer to a four year college/university - Transfer Resources

    To learn more about the college’s educational opportunities, including transfer programs unique to the community college system that provide priority consideration or guaranteed admission, view our Educational Opportunities handout.  

    We also encourage students and parents to view our selection of Advisement Videos hosted by our Academic Advisors to learn more about our educational opportunities.

  • Students in grades K-10 may be admitted if identified at the "genius level" through the WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) test. A student identified as a genius would be a student in K-10 who has a score of 150 or higher on the most current version of the WISC test. Those students meeting this criteria should contact the Admissions & Records office for more information.

  • High school students in grades 11th and 12th who wish to take College of the Canyons classes must complete the Student Checklist below.

    College NOW!/Concurrent Enrollment students attending part-time may not enroll in more than 11.0 units per term and are exempt from paying the $46/unit enrollment fee for all units. All other mandatory college fees, including non-resident tuition fees, must be paid at the time of registration.

    College NOW!/Concurrent Enrollment students who want to attend College of the Canyons full-time (12 or more units) must be released from high school to do so. This means the student will be attending College of the Canyons full-time and not attending high school for the entire term. If a high school student is approved by their high school to attend full time, the student must pay the $46/unit enrollment fee for all units.

    Please visit our Student Business Office for a list of current fees.

College NOW!/Concurrent Enrollment Student Checklist

Students are encouraged to complete the below steps in the order they appear. Please make sure all admission steps are completed prior to your assigned registration date/time to avoid registration errors.

Please use the recommended timeline below to ensure you are eligible to register for your course(s) by your assigned registration date and time for the spring 2024 semester.

Students who have completed the admission process are able to register on or after their assigned registration date.

  • Admission Process Recommended Completion Date
    Submit COC Fall 2024 Application Monday, May 20
    Activate Canyons ID Account & Access My Canyons Thursday, May 23
    Complete Online Orientation Thursday, May 23
    Complete, Sign & Submit Special Admission Form Thursday, May 30
    High School Registration Begins Saturday, June 6
    Fall Semester Begins    Monday, August 19
  • Submission of a college application is REQUIRED for each semester/term you plan to attend as a high school student. Submission of your application will also generate a registration appointment.

    Applying is easy and FREE! Complete and submit the California Community College application using the OpenCCC website.

    Within 24-48 hours of submitting your application, you will receive an Admissions Acceptance email from the with instructions on how to complete the remaining steps.

    Important Information:

    • The application is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, not your phone.
    • Utilize Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Do not use Safari.

    Start at the OpenCCC website by using the button below: 


    First time applying?  Here's a video to help you!

  • Once you have applied and received the college's "Admissions Acceptance" instruction email, you are ready to set up your student account in My Canyons. 

    How to set up your My Canyons Account:

    1. Activate your CanyonsID login at (or click on the button below).
    2. Click on 'Log In' at the top.
    3. You will enter the CanyonsID username and password as instructed in your "Admissions Acceptance" email. 
    4. Once you have successfully logged in, you will need your Student ID number to continue through this checklist. You can find your Student ID number by clicking on the 'My Profile' tile in the My Canyons menu.

    Click on the button below to set up your My Canyons account.

    My Canyons

  • The Online Orientation is designed to provide you with information about college procedures, programs, support services and policies. Please give yourself about 30 minutes of quiet time to complete this step. You will be required to log in with your CanyonsID account. Please be sure you have set-up your CanyonsID account (details above) before starting your Orientation.

    Important Information:

    • This is a one- time orientation.
    • The orientation is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, not your phone.
    • Utilize Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Do not use Safari.
    • You must use your COC student ID number. Do not mistake this number for your OpenCCC number, a confirmation number or your high school student ID number.

    Start your orientation now!

    Online Orientation

  • Submission of a College NOW!/Concurrent Enrollment Special Admission Form is REQUIRED for each semester/term you plan to attend as a high school student.

    Consult with your high school counselor for recommendations and approval of degree-applicable COC course(s) to enroll in.

    Select the appropriate special admission form for the semester/term you are applying for.


    all fields on the form, both front and back, including signatures from student, parent/guardian, high school counselor and principal.

    Please reach out to your high school counselor for guidance on the process your high school has implemented for obtaining the required high school counselor and principal signatures.

    • Each studnet must submit a complete concurrent special admission form with appropriately recommended College of the Canyons degree applicable courses, as well as appropriate signatures by the student, parents/guardians, and high school principals, counselors or designees.
    • A parent/guardian signature is required regardless of age.

    Submit the College NOW!/Concurrent Enrollment Special Admission Form for the semester/term you are applying to by either:

    • EMAIL (RECOMMENDED): Email your completed form with all required signatures to Remember to send the front and back side of the form. 
    • IN-PERSON: Submit your form to Admissions & Records in-person on the Valencia or Canyon Country campus. 
  • Registration occurs online, and may be completed on or after your assigned date and time, which can be found in your My Canyons account.

    Once you have submitted a college application for the given semester/term you are planning to attend, your assigned registration date and time will be posted on your My Canyons account under the 'My Registration' tile.

    You can register for classes using My Canyons. You will select the 'My Registration' tile from the My Canyons menu.

    My Canyons

    Payment for your classes is due at the time you register. Enrollment fees are waived for high school students ($46/unit); however, mandatory college fees are not waived.

    Your registration process is not complete until you have paid all fees for your classes. To view your semester statement, please select the "My Billing" tile in your My Canyons account. 

    If you were charged non-resident/international tuition fees because you were marked as a nonresident erroneously, please download the Residency High School Concurrent Reclass Form, complete it and email it to for clearance. 

  • It is very important that you read the instructor’s ORIENTATION LETTER for each class you register for, in order to be aware of the type of class you're in. Read your Instructor's orientation letter for information about their class, such as their required textbook(s), instructional materials, important dates, proctored exams, and/or other course requirements.

    You may find yourself using Canvas for the first time.  Explore our Canvas Guides to learn how to navigate and be successful in your online classroom.

    Visit the Online Student Support page to find a list of available student resources and software to help with the transition to online learning.

Helpful Tips 

  • Assessment in English or Math are needed if you plan to enroll in an English or Math course, or if a course has an English or Math prerequisite. 

    Important Information:

    • Assessment is currently offered online and will provide you with your course placements in math and English/ESL.
    • You will first complete a short instructional training module, and then you will be provided with information on how to access and start the assessment itself.
    • The entire process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

    Additional resources can be found on the Assessment homepage.

    Start Assessment

  • Submit high school transcripts if you have taken, or currently in the process of completing the first levels of the language at your high school (i.e. Spanish 1 & 2).  Transcripts can be submitted by email to or by using the Document Drop Box located on the COC Valencia Campus in the Campus Circle.

  • If you have a disability, IEP and/or 504, you may be eligible for accommodations through our Academic Accommodation Center (AAC) office.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact AAC prior to the start of the semester for evaluation and approval of eligible and appropriate accommodations to a college course. 

    Students seeking services through AAC will need to:

    • Complete and submit the AAC Application for Services
    • Submit a current IEP/Psycho Ed Report
    • Schedule an appointment with AAC counselor to review accommodations

    Note: Students are required to submit a college application prior to submitting documentation to AAC.

    For more information, please visit the AAC website.

  • What does it mean to Waitlist a section and how does it work?

    Placing yourself on a waitlist for a COC course means that the class is currently full. As students drop themselves out of the specific class, or are dropped for non-payment, seats will become available. If a seat becomes available in the class, our automated waitlist function will attempt to register students from the waitlist into the course. Students are added in the order that they appear on the waitlist except when skipped due to holds or eligibility errors. As students are enrolled, students remaining on the waitlist will move up toward the top of the list. The waitlist process is run daily until the Friday before a class is scheduled to begin.

    For more information please visit Admissions & Records - Waitlist.


  • How do I add/drop a class?

    Adding a class: Once classes begin, College of the Canyons will continue to accept applications for admission. If there are seats available in a class section, the instructor may perform an add authorization which will allow a student to self-enroll into the course using My Canyons and then clicking on the "My Registration" tile. A student wanting to add a class must contact the instructor to obtain an "Add Authorization.

    Dropping a class: You may drop a class by using My Canyons until the withdrawal deadline. If you drop your class prior to the drop deadline, no record will appear on your transcript for that class. If you drop a class after the drop deadline but before the withdrawal deadline, a W will appear on your transcript as a grade. You cannot drop a class after the withdrawal deadline. A final grade will be issued if you do not drop a class prior to the withdrawal deadline. Please see the College Calendar for important deadlines and/or ask your instructor for section specific deadlines.

    For more information please visit Admissions & Records - Add/Drop/Audit Classes.

  • Can I still add a class after the add deadline?

    All adds must be processed by the add deadlines which are published in the student college calendar, or obtained by the class instructor. Students who have verifiable extenuating circumstances may petition to add after the deadline by submitting a late add petition before 50% of the course is complete.

    The student’s first date of attendance must be prior to the established add deadline to submit a petition along with documented evidence of extenuating circumstances (mandatory). Examples of extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accidents, illness, family, work obligations, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student.

    The Admissions and Records office will notify the student with a determination in two to four days after receiving the above documents.

    Late Add Petitions will not be accepted after 50% of the class has passed in the semester/term for which the student wishes to add. Please see Board Policy 5903 for more information.