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News Release

December 16, 2022

Five New PPL Programs Offered in Spring 2023

This spring, the School of Personal and Professional Learning (PPL) at College of the Canyons will offer five new certification programs for individuals interested in pursuing careers in yoga teaching, real estate, commercial art, digital publishing, and paralegal fields. 

PPL classes provide community members the opportunity to learn new skills, at no cost. This spring, more than 250 PPL classes will be offered to the community. 

The Yoga Teacher Training Certificate will provide students with knowledge, skills, and experience across the 12 Yoga competencies to become yoga teachers. Within 12 months, students can complete a certificate program through the Yoga Alliance. 

Students enrolled in the Real Estate Certificate program will learn about California real estate principles, practices, and law. They will also obtain the knowledge required for the California Department of Real Estate examination for real estate sales and broker licensing. 

The Fundamental Skills for Commercial Artists Certificate program will equip students with skills leading to employment in the creative arts economy of Southern California. The course will also offer training/refresher skills for professionals already working in the commercial arts field. 

The Digital Publishing for the Office Certificate program is designed to provide office workers with training in digital publishing to meet routine demands, including the creation of newsletters, flyers, brochures, magazines, and calendars.  

In addition, a Certified Paralegal Exam Test Preparation program will be offered to prepare students and paralegals for the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) Certified Paralegal Exam, specifically the exam’s knowledge and skills sections. The use of the Certified Paralegal (CP) credential signifies that a paralegal can provide superior services to firms and corporations. The CP credential has been acknowledged by the American Bar Association as a mark of high professional achievement, and the certification helps advance paralegals in their careers and professional development.

The PPL program will also provide math and English support classes for students to excel in the classroom or workplace. 

To register or obtain more information about PPL classes, please click here.