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University of LaVerne BA Accounting

2021 – 2022
Advising Information
College of the Canyons and University of La Verne

  • The field of Accounting is fast paced, multifaceted, and complex. The need for accounting experts is on the rise as clients, companies, and organizations need accounting professionals to assess and quantify information, as well as make well‐informed business decisions.

    The degree provides students with the educational opportunities necessary to pursue a career in accounting. The program develops an in‐depth
    understanding of accounting theory and practices to becoming a successful

    The program also delivers a well‐rounded business education while developing skills in critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, and the use of cutting‐edge technology.

    What are some careers I can pursue?

    Accounting Clerk/Assistant
    Accounting Manager
    Accounts Payable Clerk
    Budget Analyst
    Certified Internal Auditor
    Tax Accountant
    Forensic/Government Accounting


    •  Application: Apply online at 
      Admissions ULV
    • Application deadlines:
      one week prior to the start of each term.
    • Financial Aid: Submit the FAFSA online
      • GPA, Transfer Units, and Age requirement:
      • A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
      • English I
        Age 23 or older, if under 23, can apply if
        transferring 50+ college level units (incl
        ENG I & II with 3.0 GPA)
    • Transcripts: Submit Official transcripts from all
      colleges to the address below. Official transcripts
      are required for all AP, CLEP, and DANTES exams.
      Students with less than 28 units must also submit
      official high school transcripts.


  • Sam Ketenjian
    University Center, Ste.203
    (661) 362‐5876 

    Financial Aid

    1(800) 649‐0160 ULV School Code: 001216

    Please send official transcripts to:
    ROC Admissions
    1950 Third Street
    La Verne, CA 91750


Term 2021‐ 2022
Duration  2 to 2 1/2 years 
Costs Undergraduate Tuition: visit for current rates Academic Service Fee: $30 per class
Application Fee: $50 (waived if you attend an Information Session) Graduation Application Fee: $140
Format Accelerated 8‐week semesters; 5 semesters per year; Classes meet one night per week; 1 class = half time; 2 classes = full time.

  • Academic Merit Scholarship (AMS): Amount: $400 (4‐7 units) & $800 (8+units) per term. Eligibility: 28+ transferable units including English 101; cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Transfer Agreement Guarantee (TAG): Amount: $400 (4‐7 units) & $800 (8+units) per term.
    Eligibility: For students transferring from COC w/consecutive enrollment; 28+ transferable units
    including English 101 and a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher. Visit the COC transfer center to

Units 128 semester units required to complete a bachelor’s degree. Of these units: 

  • Fulfillment of the General Education Breadth Requirements (La Verne transfers CSU GE certified
  • 11‐12 courses (44‐48 units) are required to fulfill the major, prerequisite, and upper division; 44 units in residency with La Verne; 44 units of Upper Division CS 305‐Community Engagement (1 unit) with La Verne is required

General Education La Verne applies CSU‐GE applicability to all transfer courses (pre and post matriculation) as indicated on

COC Prerequisites to begin program   -    OR   -     Some Prerequisites may be completed at La Verne
BUS 201 Fundamentals of Accounting I and BUS 202 Fundamentals of Accounting II      NO EQUIVALENT at LA VERNE
MATH 140 Statistics                                                                                                                   OR with La Verne: BUS 270, 4 units
MATH 103 College Algebra                                                                                                       OR with La Verne: BUS 274, 4 units
ECON 201 Micro Economics and ECON 202 Macro Economics                                            OR with La Verne: ECON 228, 4 units
CORE Business Courses   COC Equivalency Prerequisite
BUS 330 Business Finance (4)   No equivalent course ACCT I & II, MATH 140, ECONs
BUS 347 The Legal Environment of Business (4)  No equivalent course ENG II
BUS 360 Principles of Marketing (4) No equivalent course ENG II, ECONs
MGMT 300 Principles of Management (4) No equivalent course ENG II
BUS 496 Business Seminar (4) No equivalent course Capstone course ‐ completion of all CORE
Core Accounting Courses COC Equivalency  Prerequisite
ACCT 301 Intermediate Accounting I (4)   No equivalent course ACCT I & II
ACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting II (4)  No equivalent course ACCT 301
ACCT 307 Cost Accounting (4)  No equivalent course  ACCT I & II, MATH 103
ACCT 308 Federal Taxation (4)  No equivalent course  ACCT I & II
ACCT 401 Auditing (4)  No equivalent course  ACCT 302, MATH 140
ACCT 402 Advanced Accounting (4)   No equivalent course  ACCT 302
ACCT 414 Accounting Information Systems (4)  No equivalent course  
La Verne Experience Requirement
CS 305: Community Engagement, 1 unit  No equivalent course