National University BS Clinical Lab Science

2019 – 2020
Advising Information
College of the Canyons and National University

Why a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Lab Science?

  • Assess clinical laboratory practice and procedure by applying the knowledge of technical skills and theory obtained.
  • Identify problems in the clinical laboratory and establish a course of action to correct them.
  • Distinguish among laboratory methods which use advanced analytical, immunological, microbiological, hematological, and molecular techniques.
  • Evaluate laboratory procedure theory, methodology, and results.
  • Utilize critical thinking skills in Clinical Laboratory situations.
  • Produce written work of the standards required by employers in the industry or post graduate programs.

Contact Information

Juan Macias, Enrollment Counselor
National University at College of the Canyons
(661) 362-5877

Ryan McGill, Center Director
Woodland Hills Campus
(818) 932-2461

National University, Woodland Hills Campus
6300 Canoga Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 932-2460 (Admissions Office)

Financial Aid Advisors
(818) 932-2472 or 2473

Admissions Requirements 

  • GPA
    o 2.0 cumulative GPA from all regionally accredited institutions attended is required
  • Transcripts
    o Students must submit official transcripts for all colleges/universities attended.
    o Students with less than 60 semester units through transfer must submit high school transcripts.
  • Cost
    o $277.50 per quarter unit including the 25% COC tuition scholarship.
    o Standard tuition rate $370 p/quarter unit.
    o Total cost dependent on # of transfer units


Bachelor of Science in Clinical Lab Science

Term 2019-2020
Duration Major - Under 2 years (Total length dependent on # of transfer units)
Costs Undergraduate Tuition: $277.50 p/quarter unit - includes COC 25% tuition scholarship (Total cost dependent on # of transfer units)
Application Fee: $60.00 (Application Fee Waiver Available)
Format Accelerated 1 Course Per Month (4-Weeks); Courses meeting 2 nights per week and 2 Saturdays per month (10 onsite meetings p/month) at COC/UCEN.
Scholarships COC Tuition Scholarship: 25% scholarship per class, per month; Students save $407 per class by taking NU classes onsite at the COC/UCEN location.
Units 180 quarter units are required to earn a bachelor’s degree
General Education CSU or IGETC GE Certifications are highly recommended to meet general education
(GE) requirements. Additional GE coursework may be needed in the absence of CSU/IGETC GE Certification. 69 S/Units Minimum Required.

  Area A-G General Education Requirements    
Met with full CSU or IGETC Certification
Preparation for the Major Prerequisite Courses COC Equivalency
BIO 161* General Biology 1   BIOSCI 106
BIO 201* Human Anatomy & Physiol I BIO 100, BIO 100A, CHE 101 and CHE 101A BIOSCI 201
BIO 201A* Human Anatomy & Physiol Lab I BIO 201 BIOSCI 201
BIO 203* Introductory Microbiology BIO 201 and BIO 201A, BIO 202 and BIO 202A, BIO 100 and BIO 100A, CHE 101 and CHE 101A BIOSC 221
BIO 203A* Introductory Microbiology Lab (1.5 quarter units) BIO 203    BIOSCI 221
CHE 150 Introductory Organic Chemistry    CHE 101 and CHE 101A, or CHE 141, CHE 142, CHE 143 and CHE 149A CHEM 255
CHE 150A Introductory Organic Chem Lab (1.5 quarter units) CHE 150 CHEM 255
CHE 141* General Chemistry 1 MTH 215 or equivalent and CHE 101 CHEM 201
CHE 142* General Chemistry 2 CHE 141 CHEM 202
CHE 350 Organic Chemistry I CHE 142 no equivalent course
PHS 104* Introductory Physics 2 years of high school algebra, and MTH 204 or MTH 215 or MTH 216A and MTH 216B CHEM 202