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National University BS Homeland Security and Emergency Management

2021 – 2022
Advising Information
College of the Canyons and National University

    • Apply relevant criticism in sustained analysis and interpretations of security management thinking.
    • Evaluate emergency disaster pre-plans, recovery plans, and after-action reports.
    • Apply analytical skills in approaching ethical dilemmas and implications of technology and other areas faced in government and private industry.
    • Describe the political and religious implications of the terrorist climate.
    • Describe and analyze the role groups and teams have in organizations as they relate to addressing homeland security and emergency management issues.
    • Describe the roles local, state and federal government agencies have in addressing homeland security and emergency management issues.
  • Ryan McGill, Center Director
    National University Oxnard Campus
    (818) 932-2461 

    National University, Oxnard Campus
    1000 Town Center Drive
    Oxnard, CA 93036
    (818) 932-2460 (Admissions Office)

     Financial Aid Advisors
    (818) 932-2472 or 2473

  • GPA

    • 2.0 cumulative GPA from all regionally accredited institutions attended is required and/or high school diploma.
    • Students must submit official transcripts for all colleges/universities attended.
      Students with less than 60 semester units through transfer must submit high school transcripts.
    • $277.50 per quarter unit including the 25% COC tuition scholarship.
      Standard tuition rate $370 p/quarter unit.
      Total cost dependent on # of transfer units 

 Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Term 2021-2022
Duration Major - Under 2 years (Total length dependent on # of transfer units)
Costs Undergraduate Tuition: $277.50 p/quarter unit - includes COC 25% tuition scholarship (Total cost dependent on # of transfer units)
Format Accelerated 1 Course Per Month (4-Weeks); Courses meeting 2 nights per week and 2 Saturdays per month (10 onsite meetings p/month) at COC/UCEN.
Scholarships COC Tuition Scholarship: 25% scholarship per class, per month; Students save $407 per class by taking NU classes onsite at the COC/UCEN location.
Units 180 quarter units are required to earn a bachelor’s degree 
General Education CSU or IGETC GE Certifications are highly recommended to meet general education (GE) requirements. Additional GE coursework may be needed in the absence of CSU/IGETC GE Certification. 69 Semester Units Minimum Required

Area A-G General Education Requirements Met with full CSU or IGETC Certification
Upper Division GE Requirement COC Course Equivalency
SOC 350 Cultural Diversity No course equivalency 
Required HSEM Courses for Major COC equivalency  
HSE Domestic Security Management No course equivalency
PAD 400 Intro to Public Administration No course equivalency
LED 410 Leading Diverse Groups and Teams No course equivalency
CJA 467 International and Domestic Terrorism No course equivalency
HSE 475 Interviewing and Interrogation No course equivalency
HSE 420 Information Security No course equivalency
HSE 430 Border-Transportation Security No course equivalency
HSE 440 Crisis Management No course equivalency
HSE 470 Legal Issues of Security No course equivalency
HSE 444 Disaster Management No course equivalency
HSE 490 Supervised Senior Project No course equivalency
Upper Division Electives (5 Courses, 15 Semester Units)
Students/cohort will select any appropriate upper division course to complete the required upper division electives