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Beyond the Night Sky - The Once-Invisible Universe

Postponed - Campus Closed

"It's Rocket Science: The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing & The History of the Space Race!"

"On the Road to a Billion Planets"

"Dirty Fireballs & Orphan Afterglows"

"Detwinkling the Stars to Study Exoplanetary Systems"

"Pathways to Space" (SpaceX, COC, Carnegie)

"Astrobiology and the Search for Alien Life"

"Fire and Ice...and Methane: Exploring Mars and Titan"

"The Truth Behind 'Gravity' (the movie)"

"More Than Your Eyes Can See Infrared Light"



"The James Webb Space Telescope"

"Beyond the Cradle: Kepler's Search for New Worlds"

"Pioneering Techniques - Optical Interferometry"

"The NASA Kepler Mission Recent Discoveries"

"Curiosity Mars Rover"

"Jupiter "Attracts"

"Finding Planet - Jupiter"

"Star Gazing in SCV and Orientation to the Sky"

"Orientation to the Night Sky and Earth's Moon"

Guest Speaker

Dr. Padi Boyd, Chief, Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics Laboratory, Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center 

David Michaels, Professor of Astronomy & Physics, College of the Canyons
Erik Altenbernd, PHD, Professor, Department of History, College of the Canyons

Dr. Jessie Christiansen, JPL/CalTech

Ms. Anna Ho, CalTech

Dr. Vanessa Bailey, JPL 

Jessica Ta, Dr. Patricia Foley, Dr. Johanna Teske 

Dr. Michael J. Malaska, JPL

Dr. Morgan Cable, JPL

Astronaut Dr. Stan Love & Dr. Susan Lederer, NASA

Dr. Luisa Rebull, CalTech

Matthew Wallace, JPL

Various, Campus Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dr. Charles Beichman, James Webb Space Telescope

Dr. David Ciardi, Keplar Mission

Dr. Gerard Van Belle, Lowell Observatory

Dr. Steve Howell, NASA

Matthew Wallace, JPL

David Michaels, COC

Dr. Kevin Grazier, NASA/CalTech

Tom Falconer & John Sepika, Adjunct and JPL

Tom Falconer, COC