How to Start a Campus Club


  1. Find Members: To start a Club you must have at least 7 current College of the Canyons students as founding members. Out of the 7 founding members a President, Vice President, Treasure and Inter Club Council Representative must be appointed the first official meeting the Club holds. A Club Membership Form must be filled out and submitted through the on-line form below.

  2. Find an Advisor: Clubs must have a full time COC faculty or staff member advise them. The Advisor(s) must fill out and submit the on-line Advisor Agreement Form before the Club can be charted.

  3. Write Club Constitution: Before a Club can be officially chartered there must be a constitution, rules the Club will adhere to, written and submitted. A Club Constitution Guide that shows you section by section what needs to be in a Club constitution can be found below. Once a constitution is written, a Club Information Form must be filled out and submitted.

  4. Meet with Campus Life & Student Engagement Office: Once you have filled out and submitted a 1) Membership Form, 2) Advisor(s) Agreement Form, 3) Club Constitution, 4) Club Information Form, email to set up and appointment to meet and go over all the above stated chartering forms. During that meeting a staff member will review and share any updates if needed to the forms you submitted as well as share the next steps in the chartering process.