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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Canyons Promise sign up period for the 2022-2023 cohort will open on January 3, 2022 and close on May 2, 2022 at 5pm.

  • The deadline to sign up for Canyons Promise is May 2, 2022. Our sign up form will close at 5pm on our deadline date.

    After our sign up period has closed, we will check all students for completion of the items detailed on our sign up requirements page. This includes all new student steps: fall 2022 enrollment application, 22/23 FAFSA or CADAA, Assessment, Advisement, and Orientation. 

    Students will receive final notices about their program status in mid-May.

  • No. They are two different things.

    The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) is an application for a fee waiver awarded through Financial Aid. Students can apply for the CCPG through Financial Aid or get awarded the CCPG when completing their FAFSA. The CCPG waives the $46/unit enrollment fee for students.

    Canyons Promise is a comprehensive student success program with a financial component. To be part of our Canyons Promise, students must sign up for the program. Even if you do not qualify for financial aid, students can be part of Canyons Promise. Canyons Promise does work to supplement any financial aid a student receives to ensure their fall and spring semesters student enrollment bills are completely paid for.

    Review our infographic for a quick overview of the differences: Canyons Promise vs. CCPG.

  • The Promise Sign Up form is provided once you apply to COC for the fall 2022 semester. Once a student submits their application to COC, roughly 24-48 business hours after, they will receive an email from COC with the subject line: College of the Canyons Admissions Acceptance. That email contains information regarding your CanyonsID activation, My Canyons, new student steps, along with Canyons Promise information. The Canyons Promise Sign Up link can be found in that email. 

    Please note: Our sign up link will not be active until January 3, 2022. If you apply for fall 2022 admission before our opening date of January 3, 2022, you will not yet be able to sign up. Please contact our office after January 3, 2022 for the information.

  • The admissions email from our college will be sent to whatever email was provided on the COC enrollment application. Please check your spam folders and search your email for the subject line: College of the Canyons Admissions Acceptance. If you still cannot find it, please contact Admissions and Records so they can assist with your application (661-362-3281).

  • Students who complete their fall 2022 enrollment application as a new, first time college student will receive our Canyons Promise information. If you do not have Canyons Promise information in your Admissions Acceptance email, you may not qualify. Please forward that admissions email to so we can assist.

    Please note: Students who apply for fall 2022 admissions as a new, first-time college student prior to our January 3, 2022 opening date will receive our Canyons Promise information in their Admissions Acceptance. Please contact our office after January 3, 2022 for the information.

  • Please email with your full name, COC Student ID, and what error was made. We can assist.

  • Our system will only accept one Sign Up form per COC Student ID. If you have already submitted your Sign Up form under the ID number, it will not allow another. We would already have it on file. If you did not submit yours yet, please email with your full name and COC Student ID as someone else may have mistakenly submitted the incorrect ID. We will assist you.

  • Once you have submitted your Promise Sign Up form, a copy of the sign up will be emailed to the email accounts you provided on your sign up form (COC Student Email address and Personal Email address). The subject line is: Canyons Promise Sign Up Confirmation. This confirmation is for your records. Do not delete this confirmation as you may need to reference it at a later date. If you did not receive this confirmation copy, please email and we can assist you.

  • Yes. Taking college courses prior to graduating high school does not hinder you from being eligible for Canyons Promise. In fact, those units may help you complete your goal faster.

  • The summer 2022 enrollment application is not required for admission to the 2022/2023 Canyons Promise first year cohort. 

    However during summer 2022, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all new COC students take courses that are part of the College Skills Toolkit. These courses are Noncredit College Skills -001 (Resources and Strategies for College Success) & Noncredit College Skills -002 (Online Learning and Strategies for Success). These courses are offered through our School of Personal and Professional Learning and are free for everyone. Learn more about these courses: College Skills Toolkit

    Students who choose to take these courses during the summer term must complete a summer 2022 enrollment application in order to have a registration date.  

  • The FAFSA and CA Dream Act Application for 2022-2023 open on October 1, 2021. We encourage students to complete their FAFSA or CA Dream Act as soon as the application period opens as the processing time can be lengthy. Once the program begins to process our Promise Sign Up’s, we will be checking students for FAFSA or CA Dream Act completion. If a student has not completed one of them, we will be reaching out to ensure you apply before the deadline.   

    Completing the FAFSA or CA Dream Act is mandatory to participate in Canyons Promise. All Canyons Promise students must have a current and complete FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application on file with the college each year they hope to be part of Canyons Promise. Otherwise, they cannot be part of the program.

  • Students will create their own unique schedule of classes based on their major and prior academic coursework. New students will have the opportunity to meet with Promise counselors to receive assistance creating their academic plan. Each student’s fall semester will look different. During the first year, we require they complete Counseling 110 or Counseling 150 and enroll in their math and English courses. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED students also complete NC.CGSL-003 Money Management in College and Beyond; a third class in the College Skills Toolkit. Students will also take general education and major prep courses. 

  • If you are taking AP exams and pass the exam with a 3 or higher, then you potentially could get credit for courses here at COC. When AP scores are ready and available, students need to submit the official scores to Admissions and Records to receive course credits. All students still need to complete the math and English assessment for placement. A student’s AP exam and score may fulfill the math and/or English course requirements.

    Students should meet with Counseling once their scores are received to understand what credit they will get and ensure the classes they are taking are accurate.

  • Yes. If you took/are taking Counseling 110 or 150 with COC while in high school (and receive(d) a passing grade), you have already met that course requirement for Canyons Promise.

  • We want to ensure our students are successful and on the right path. To help us achieve that, we require Canyons Promise students to take a counseling class to help guide them.

    Counseling 110 is our career exploration course where students will take career assessments and dive into career exploration. This course helps direct a student to their chosen career path.

    Counseling 150 is our college success strategies course. Students will be provided with many tools and strategies to help ensure they will be successful in college. This course provides a smooth transition from high school into higher education to be successful and reach your goals.