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  • Si desea inscribirse en clases GRATUITAS a través de School of Personal and Professional Learning, necesitará un correo electrónico personal para completar el proceso de inscripción a continuación: 

    Paso 1: Presentar una solicitud de admisión en línea. (Para las clases que comienzan en febreroseleccione primavera 2021.) 

    Haga clic en “Instrucciones de solicitude imprimibles español” de abajo, si desea una guía paso a paso para ayudarle a llenar la solicitud usando OpenCCC

      Instrucciones de solicitude imprimibles español

    Haga clic en el botón azul "Ir a OpenCCC" a continuación cuando esté listo para llenar una solicitud de admisión para estudiantes nuevos o estudiantes de retorno. Una vez enviada su solicitud, recibirá un correo electrónico titulando, "Your COC Noncredit Application has been accepted." 

      Ir a OpenCCC


    Paso 2: Crear su cuenta CanyonsID

    Nuevos estudiantes - Crear la cuenta de CanyonsID: recibirá un correo electrónico del Colegio con el asunto "Your COC Noncredit Application has been Accepted". Este correo electrónico contiene 1) el nombre de usuario, que es su dirección de correo electrónico única de estudiante de COC y 2) una contraseña temporal que deberá utilizar una vez para crear la cuenta.

    Estudiantes de retorno - Restablecer la contraseña de My Canyons: Recibirá un correo electrónico del Colegio con el asunto "Your COC Noncredit Application has been Accepted". Este correo electrónico contiene su nombre de usuario CanyonsID, que es su dirección de correo electrónico de estudiante del COC. Si no recuerda su contraseña anterior de My Canyons, haga clic en "Forgot Password" una vez que haya llegado a la página de inicio de sesión de CanyonsID.

     Haga clic aquí para crear su cuenta o restablecer su contraseña de CanyonsID.



    Paso 3: Registrarse en las clases 

    Una vez que haya entrado en My Canyons haga clic en "My Registration Time" para saber cuando puede registrarse para las clases. Si no tiene una fecha y hora de cita asignada, por favor llame a nuestra oficina al (661) 362-3304 para obtener ayuda.

    Para inscribirse en las clases, haga clic en "Register/Add Classes" después de haber iniciado sesión en su cuenta. Seleccione el términobusque el tema "Noncredit.” Despues de agregar una clase a su horario de estudiante, anote el nombre de su instructor para que pueda contactarlo en el futuro. 

    Haga clic aquí para iniciar sesión en su cuenta de My Canyons


    Paso 4: Ingresa en su cuenta de correo electrónico de estudiante y contacta a su instructor 

    En el menú de estudiante de My Canyonshaga clic en "What's My Student Email" para acceder a su buzón de correo electrónico de estudiante. Toda la comunicación de sus instructores será enviada a su cuenta de correo electrónico de estudiante. Haga clic en el botón dorado a continuación para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo acceder a su cuenta de correo electrónico de estudiante de COC.

    Enviar un correo electrónico a mi instructor

  • If you would like to enroll in FREE classes through the School Personal and Professional Learning, you will need to fill out an application for admission to College of the Canyons:

    Step 1: Submit an Application

    Click on the gold "Printable Application Instructions" button below, if you would like a step-by-step guide to help you fill out the online application using OpenCCC. 

      Printable Application Instructions- English

    Click on the blue "Go to OpenCCC" button below when you are ready to fill out the application. Upon successful submission of your application, will receive an email with the subject "Your COC Noncredit Application has been accepted." 

      Go to OpenCCC  


    Step 2: Create your CanyonsID account

    New Students- Create CanyonsID: You will receive an email from the College with the subject line, "Your COC Noncredit Application has been Accepted." This email contains 1) the username, which is your unique COC student email address and 2) a temporary password to use once to create the account. 

    Returning Students- Reset My Canyons Password: You will receive an email from the College with the subject line, "Your COC Noncredit Application has been Accepted." This email contains your CanyonsID username, which is your COC student email address. If you do not remember your previous My Canyons password, click on, “Forgot Password” once you have reached the CanyonsID login page.

    Click here to create account or reset your CanyonsID password.



    Step 3: Register/Add Classes using your My Canyons account

    First, log into your My Canyons account. Click on "My Registration Time" to find out when you may add classes to your schedule. If you are missing a registration time, please call us at (661) 362-3304 for assistance. To search for Noncredit classes, click on "Register/Add Classes" and search for the subject "Noncredit." Or if you know the 5 digit section number of the class you want, follow the instructions by clicking the gold button below. 

    Click here to log in to your My Canyons account

    Instructions- How to enroll using Express Registration


    Step 4: Email your instructor

    Once you have registered for classes, email your instructor to let him/her know you are ready to start learning for FREE! All communication will occur via your COC student email account. Click the gold button below for instructions on how to access your COC student email account.

    Email your instructor

  • Use the self-placement guide by clicking the Start ESL Assessment button below.

    This self-placement guide is optional. You may enroll in any course available for registration. For a list of Noncredit ESL classes check the current Class Schedule under the subject “Noncredit ESL.”  We offer Noncredit ESL Levels:

                           LOW       1A > 1B > 2A > 2B > 3A > 3B > 4A > 4B > 060 > 061 > 070 > 071       HIGH

    Start ESL Assessment


  •  Image of Robin Behbood (Adviser)

    My name is Robin Behbood and I am an Academic Advisor for the Personal and Professional Learning Program. Each day I look forward to meeting with students with a variety of different backgrounds and life experiences. My role is to partner with students in setting both short-term and long-term goals, so they feel they have a support system at the college. It is my pleasure to help students select classes that fit into their daily schedule, assist with the process of transitioning into the credit program and provide resources to explore new job and career possibilities.

    With a variety of new classes and certificates being added each semester, it is very exciting to watch all of our students grow and progress. I encourage all students to schedule an appointment with me to discuss how our Free classes can enhance their personal and professional lives.

    Contact Info:
    Email: robin.behbood@canyons.edu


  • Once I submit my application online, what do I do?

    Students who submit his/her application online will receive a "Welcome email" from the College containing their student email address and a temporary password. Students will use this email address to create their CanyonsID account, which allows them to search and register for classes online. 

    I set up my CanyonsID account, but the system will not allow me to register into courses using My Canyons.

    In order to register into classes using My Canyons, all students must have a registration appointment time. Log into your My Canyons account and click on "My Registration Time" to locate the day and time you are able to register for classes. If you do not have a registration date, please call (661) 362-3304 for assistance.

    I don’t know where to find the selection of FREE courses in the current schedule of classes.

    To locate the schedule of free courses from the COC homepage, Click on Students > Class Schedule > Search Classes > Select a Term > Subject drop-down menu = “Noncredit…”. You can also put a check mark in the box labeled “Free Classes” to see a full list at once.

     I am taking an online class, but I don’t know how to access Canvas.

    Students interested in taking online/hybrid courses must create a CanyonsID account using their  student email address as the "username." This will allow you to log in to any online service, including Canvas.

    For help with Canvas:

    1) Students can leave a voicemail at (661) 362-3344 or call (661) 362-3600 to speak with a live staff person.

    2) Students can send and email to cvsupport@canyons.edu or to online@canyons.edu 

    3) Visit www.cv.canyons.edu for guides, video demonstrations and more

    4) After hours Canvas support is available 24 hours a day at (877) 889-9052.

    I need help figuring out which courses are required in order to earn a certificate. Who can help me? 

    We offer free advisement for students interested in planning their coursework with the goal of earning a certificate(s). Please email our Academic Advisor, Robin Behbood, at Robin.behbood@canyons.edu or Precious.becerra@canyons.edu if you would like to create an academic plan. You can also browse the requirements for each certificate by visiting www.canyons.edu/ppl.




  • If you need proof that you are enrolled in free classes, please complete this fillable Enrollment Verification Request form by clicking on the button below. When finished, save this document and send it as an email attachment to freeclasses@canyons.edu from your student email account. You will receive a response within 48 hours. We are closed all major holidays.

    Enrollment Verification Request

  • Before submitting a Certificate Request, please do the following:

    1) Know your 7 digit COC student ID number 

    2) Check you have completed all courses required with a "P" (passing) grade.

    Click on the link below to search for the correct title and list of courses required for the certificate you believe you have earned. 


    Certificate Request Form

     Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your printed certificate in the mail.