CanyonsID for Students

My Canyons FAQ

CanyonsID is the new login system we use at College of the Canyons. From Library Systems and Registration to Email and Canvas, CanyonsID will soon be how you log into everything! By following the directions below, you are enrolling in CanyonsID so when the time comes to use it, you will be ready.  

Important CanyonsID is scheduled to go live on: 

December 17th - Canvas

February 28th - Student Email, Self-Service, MyCanyons Enrollment System 

Instrucciones en Español

Video Instructions

Step 1. Have you already registered for CanyonsID?

If you have, then try signing in here.

Step 2. If not, reset your MyCanyons password

Click here: Create an Account/Reset Your Login and Password

Step 3. Go to the CanyonsID login page

The URL is:

Step 4. Enter your student email credentials

The username is your MyCanyons email address "", and the password is your my.canyons email password.

 Login Example

Note: Since this is your first time logging into CanyonsID, you will need to specify a recovery email address and/or a cell phone number. So in the future you will be able to reset your password. Your information is kept private and we DO NOT use this information for tracking or marketing. 

 OTP enrollment example

Make sure that you have access to your personal email because you will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) to verify your account.


 OTP email example

You will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) to verify your email address.


OTP enrollment verification example

Enter in the OTP password that was emailed to your secondary email address.


Moble number OTP enrollment example

Next: You have the option to add a mobile number.  This step can be skipped, but gives you 2 ways to reset your password if you forget it. 


Once you see the screen below, you have completed the Pre-Enrollment process. 
You are now ready to use CanyonsID and can close this browser window. 

Canyons ID account managment page example 


 Instrucciones en Español