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Health Insurance

Need Information on How to Apply for Medi-Cal & Covered California?

AB-2308 Health Coverage: Information to Students

Students and their dependents have access to a low cost, voluntary group medical-surgical hospital insurance plan. Applications are available at the Student Health & Wellness Center or online ate the Student Insurance Agency. Check each site to confirm enrollment requirements (how many units you must be taking to be eligible), payment options (per semester, per year) and cost to enroll for yourself (different price for different ages) and for your dependents (if any). You must be on the plan yourself to be eligible to  enroll your dependents.

Health center staff can determine students' elgibility and enroll students in Family PACT, a program that offers free reproductive health care (lab testing, medications). They also help students apply for state insurance programs, including Medi-Cal and Healthy Families.

Students not under their family's insurance plans or obtaining insurance through their workplace can utilize these two insurance options available in California:

Covered California- Your destination for affordable health care
California Department of Health Care Services

ISP Notice

International Students are prohibited by their student visa from participating in these plans. International students must contact the International Services & Programs office for guidance.