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About Us

The mission of the Student Health & Wellness Center is to help keep students physically and mentally healthy so that they can succeed in school and life. We provide clinical services, health education, referrals, and assistance in getting health insurance.


■ Medical Director
■ Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants
■ Registered Nurse
■ Medical Assistants
■ Clinical Psychologists
■ Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs)
■ Marriage Family Therapists (M.F.Ts)

Thanks to all of our support staff, college assistants, part time employees, and volunteers.


All services are completely confidential (with special legal exceptions) to currently enrolled students and are low cost or free.

Physical Health

■ Blood Pressure Checks
■ First Aid
■ TB Skin Tests
■ Diagnosis & Treatment of Short Term Illnesses
■ Prescription Medication (Non-Narcotic, Limited)
■ Self Help Center (Non-Prescription Medication)
■ Vaccinations Immunizations
■ Hepatitis A & B Series & Titer
■ MMR and Titers
■ Varicella Titer
■ Tdap
■ Flu Vaccine (Seasonal Limited Supply)
■ Tobacco Cessation Counseling

Sexual Health

■ Birth Control & Emergency Contraceptive Pill Prescriptions
■ Condoms (FREE)
■ Depo-Provera
■ Family Planning Information
■ Pregnancy Testing
■ Pap Test
■ STI/D Screening & Treatment

Mental Health

■ Personal Counseling
■ Suicide Prevention
■ Referrals To Specialists

Basic Dental

■ Oral Exams
■ Oral CA Screening
■ Dental Care Guidance
■ Recommendations & Referrals

Upcoming Dates:
■ Feb 16th
■ Mar 16th
■ Apr 20th
■ May 18th

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I be seen by a nurse if I'm sick?
Yes. We have a Physician (as needed) and Advanced Practice Providers and an RN that can see you for minor illnesses.

I don't have health insurance - can I still be seen at COC's health center?
Yes. The Health center does not bill insurance for any office visit. You must however, be a currently enrolled student to get care at the health center.

Do I have to pay for my visit?
No.  All office visits are free of charge and covered by student health fees.  We charge a small fee for pregnancy tests, lab charges, prescription medications and immunizations.  Contact the office about specific charges. 

What about birth control pills?
You may qualify for free birth control through the FamilyPACT clinic at the health center. This program also offers free laboratory tests and antibiotics. Stop by Valencia Student Center Room 122 to see if you might qualify. We also have applications for Medi-Cal, and optional group student insurance plans and can help you decide if you are eligible to apply.

What can I do if I think I'm pregnant?
Come in and get a pregnancy test to know for sure. There is a nominal charge, or it is free for FamilyPACT enrollees. If your test is positive we can give you referrals to outside sources for care. If the test is negative, we have valuable information about family planning and birth control options. 

Do you have the "morning after pill"?
If you are at least 16 years old, you can get the emergency contraceptive pill at any participating pharmacy without a prescription. There is a charge for this service at the pharmacy.  In California, any health care provider can prescribe this medication for you as long as you are 12 or older. The “morning after pill” will not work if you are already pregnant, and is best taken within 3 days after unprotected intercourse. If you are a currently enrolled student and need emergency contraceptive therapy (ECT), we can call in a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. We would like to see you here at the health center to discuss more effective regular birth control and to answer any questions you have. If you are eligible for Family PACT health insurance, you can get ECP with your Family PACT card at no cost to you.

Are abortion pills the same as the "morning after" pill?
No. The "morning after" pill is designed to prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation like oral contraceptive pills do, or by changing the lining of the uterus so a fertilized egg cannot attach. It does not terminate a pregnancy.  

Is there a place for me to lie down and catch a few Z's at the health center?
Unfortunately no. The Student Health & Wellness Center is not an infirmary equipped with a place for students to just rest. We are here to give short-term care to sick students. 

Is there a psychologist on staff?
Yes. The Student Health & Wellness Center has licensed clinical psychologists on staff for individual, couples or group mental health counseling. The focus is short-term counseling with referrals to community agencies if long-term treatment is needed. These sessions are scheduled by appointment and are FREE! Each student is allowed 6 visits per semester. 

Can I get a Band-Aid?
Definitely!  A self-care center at our front desk gives you access to many free over-the-counter supplies and medications at the Student Health & Wellness Center. 

Do you screen for and treat STD's?
We offer low or no cost screening for HIV and other STD's at the health center. Depending on the test, results are available in 2 to 7 days after the test. You might be eligible for other free tests and treatment through our Family PACT clinic- stop by the office at Student Center-122 (Valencia) to find out if you qualify. We will help you to apply for Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, or Family PACT at the health center. 

Do you have prescription drugs at the health center?
For currently enrolled students we can dispense some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and a few other medications. A prescription may be given for certain medications to fill at pharmacies off campus if we do not have the medication. Our focus is short-term acute care. We do not prescribe or keep controlled drugs (narcotics, ADD medication, etc.) at the health center. 

Can I get immunizations at the health center?
We provide Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR), Tetanus-diptheria-pertussis (Tdap), Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix) vaccines, and TB testing at a reduced cost. 

Can you help me quit smoking or chewing tobacco?
We have a smoking cessation counselor and can suggest medications to ease cravings and periodically offer tobacco cessation groups. For online assistance check this website: