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Late Refund Policy

A student who misses the established deadline for a particular class may obtain a late refund if a petition or appeal is approved. If the refund deadline date is missed, the student must demonstrate extenuating circumstances beyond their control and provide appropriate documentation supporting their extenuating circumstance as part of the petition process.

The extenuating circumstances must have been beyond the students control, occurred prior to the refund deadline for the class and term in question and prevented the student from dropping the class on time. Examples of documentation include medical records, accident reports, new employment verification, court records, letters from lawyers, doctors, employer, etc.

The student must have also stopped attending the class prior to the refund deadline date. If the class was attended after the refund deadline date, the student is not eligible for a Late Refund. If you did not attend the class, please include that on your petition. 

This policy also applies to fees being removed for unpaid balances.  


How to appeal to receive a Late Refund


Drop without a “W”

Class was dropped after the refund deadline date and no “W” or grade was received

Submit a Petition for a Refund After the Deadline with supporting documentation to the Student Business Office no later than one year after the class in question is offered.

Completed Petition for a Refund After the Deadline and supporting documentation can be submitted to or in person at the Student Business Office. 



Withdrawal with a “W” or Class not Dropped

Class was dropped after the refund deadline date and a “W” or grade was received

Classes with a "W" or grade received are not eligible for a Late Refund. In order for consideration, the "W" or grade would need to be removed through an approved Academic Standards Committee Petition. If the Academic Standards Committee grants an early drop, prior to the refund deadline date, a refund will also be granted.     

Completed Academic Standards Petitions can be submitted to or in person at the Admissions and Records Office.

Please view the Academic Standards Committee Petition page for information and qualifications on this petition. 

Academic Standards Committee Petition