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How to Receive a Refund


Drop your class prior to the refund deadline date. (Refund Deadline Dates are available on the class schedule or by checking the Refund Deadline Date Search.)

All refunds will be automatically processed at the end of each semester. If you would like to have your refund processed earlier, please place a request online through your My Canyons Account. Requests take 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

How do I request an early refund?

Requests are made through My Canyons. To view available refunds and request an early refund, select REFUND REQUEST

This may also be accessed through My Canyons by selecting My Billing > Refund Request or from the My Canyons Home page by selecting Student Finance. Once on your account summary page, select Refund Request. 

All available refunds will be displayed. Select the refunds you are requesting, agree to the terms, and hit Request Refund. Upon completing your request, a confirmation will be received. Please save a copy for your records. 

Separate requests are not needed for each dropped class. When your refund is processed, you will be refunded for all dropped classes or available credits on your account for the term. Once a request has been made, and prior to the refund being processed you will be able to see the refund has already been requested. If you receive a CCPG waiver, our Financial Aid office often adds in a request on your behalf.   

Why don't I see an available refund? 

Selecting a refund through the Refund Request will NOT drop your classes. Before requesting a refund, classes must be dropped prior to the refund deadline date.

Please verify that classes were dropped prior to the posted refund deadline dates. Any class dropped after the refund deadline date, is not eligible for a refund. (If you stopped attending prior to the refund deadline date and have an extenuating circumstance that prevented you from dropping your class on time, please see the College's Late Refund Policy to see if you may qualify for a late refund.)

Once a semester has ended, we do not automatically process new refunds. If you have a change in enrollment, billing or financial aid for a prior semester that has resulted in a refund or credit balance, please contact our office.

Can I apply my refund towards other classes?

If you plan on adding and dropping classes within the same semester, you do not need to request a refund. Any refund or credit balance will automatically be applied to your newly added classes.

Refunds or credit balances are not automatically applied towards a future semester. If you would like to apply a current credit (refund) balance to a different semester, please send a written request from your My Canyons email to We will make every attempt to pay off any past due balances prior to processing your refund.

How will I receive my refund?

Refunds are disbursed depending on how paid and what the refund is for. 

Classes paid through My Canyons - 

If it is within ninety (90) days of payment, the refund will be applied back to the original credit card used. If it has been more than ninety (90) days, a check will be issued. Credit Card laws require that any refund issued within a reasonable amount of time from the purchase, be returned back on the card that was used. 

Classes paid in person at the Student Business Office - 

Refunds will be issued by check. 

Classes paid through CVC Exchange link - 

Refunds will be issued by check. 

Classes paid through Flywire Money Wire - 

Refunds will be issued by check. 

Financial Aid Award Disbursement - 

Financial Aid Award disbursement refunds for grants and loans are processed through Bank Mobile and delivered to you based on your selected preference. These may be set up to deposit into an existing bank account or through a Bank Mobile Vibe account. Please visit Bank Mobile to set up your refund preference.  If you have a refund for classes on your account when your award is processed, the refund may be issued with your award and processed through Bank Mobile.  

What happens if my refund is not received?

Once your refund has been processed, you will see the refund on your billing statement. Once the refund has been noted on your account, please allow 72 hours to see the credit on your credit card or 7-10 business days to receive a check in the mail. 

  • Credit Card - If your bank account from original payment has been closed, please check with the credit card company on the status of your refund. In most cases, once the account has been closed and all transactions have been settled, the credit card company will issue a refund for the overpayment. In the event that the account has been settled and the bank returns the funds to the College, the College will re-issue the refund in a form of a check.
  • Checks - Please verify that you have supplied the college with your current address. If a check is returned to us, we will try to contact you for pick-up. Checks can be picked up by the student with a photo id. If it has been more than two weeks since issued and the check has not been received or returned to the college, a Lost Warrant Request can be submitted to request a new check be cut.