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About the Galleries

The COC Art Gallery is a creative engine of the College of the Canyons and a cultural asset and resource for our campus community and geographic region. We believe that art is central to an inspired and successful life for all. To that end, the COC Art Gallery promotes self-discovery and exploration through direct engagement with works of contemporary visual art and artists. By expanding student access to contemporary art and ideas through organic, self-directed interactions with art, formal programming, and faculty-led gallery experiences, it is our intention to help students acquire, enhance, and more richly explore their ability to think critically and creatively; and work effectively in open-ended environments. We strive to advance COC’s mission of institutional excellence and innovation by fostering a campus climate that champions artistic excellence, is anti-racist and equity-minded, and provides a vibrant platform for contemporary visual art that invigorates and reflects the heterogeneous cultural environment of our campus.

We understand that engaging with contemporary art and artists has the potential to spark expansive thinking, generate transformative insights, and reveal new pathways. Through critical visual thinking and an appreciation for humanity’s history, creativity, and diversity, the COC Art Gallery encourages students to become creative, socially-engaged thinkers as they advance in their own chosen discipline.

Finally, we embrace our role as an academic resource for higher learning that supports excellent teaching and learning at College of the Canyons. By creating opportunities for art-driven learning in our programming, we strive to not only promote the value and understanding of contemporary visual art, but increase awareness of its relevance and application across multiple disciplines.

For Art Gallery inquiries,
Please contact: Alma Juarez

Dr. Jennifer Smolos Steele
Dean, School of Visual & Performing Arts
Artistic Director, Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center

Download Main Gallery floor plan     
Download Gallery 206 floor plan

Our Mission

The College of the Canyons Art Gallery champions contemporary visual art and artists that inspire us to see the world in new ways.  We promote the appreciation and understanding of contemporary art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. Our dynamic exhibition program supports active learning, ignites imaginations, values diversity, and encourages reflection, connection, and conversation. Committed to access and equity for all, our admission is always free.

COC Student Art Collection

Established in 2010, the SAC provides art students an opportunity to compete on aprofessional level and be included in what will become an important asset for thecollege. Students learn the importance of presentation and professionalism, whiledeveloping the interactive skills required to become a successful artist.

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