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College of the Canyons Chemistry Lab Facilities and Safety

The new Chemical Hygiene Plan is finalized! View it here.

The Chemistry Department has labs located on the 3rd floor of the Aliso Laboratory Building.
James D. Boykin Laboratory Building is under construction; all prep and general chemistry courses are at the Canyon Country Campus. 
Our labs are spacious, modern, and designed for your safety!

Chemistry Lab Safety

The COC Chemistry Department's #1 priority is your safety! For that reason, the following safety rules are strictly enforced whenever students are working in the lab.

  • Goggles (not safety glasses) must be worn at all times when working in the laboratory. They cannot be removed when writing notes or working on post-laboratory assignments
  • Lab attire means dressing for lab safety and not the weather!
    • Wear long pants that cover the entire leg (no capris or shorts). Skirts can be worn, but must extend down to the ankle.
    • Closed-toed and closed-heel shoes must be worn (no slip-on shoes or sandals).
    • Tank tops or shirts that expose your midriff are not appropriate.
    • Avoid loose-fitting or too-tight clothing, and remove jewelry.
    • Long hair should be pulled back.
  • Absolutely no food or beverages allowed in the lab, even if chemicals are not currently being used.

Since safety is so important to us, students that do not comply with the above rules, and any other rules their instructor requires, will be asked to leave the laboratory and not return until they comply with safety.