E-Commerce Technology - Certificate of Specialization

The certificate of specialization in E-Commerce-Technology program provides students with an overview of the fundamental issues and skills involved in developing an online implementation of a business enterprise. The certificate should also appeal to those interested in general website development due to the business nature of many sites that pervade the web. The programs hands-on approach assures prospective employers that students who complete the sequence will have obtained practical experience employing web technologies as business solutions. Courses are appropriate for those who seek entry-level positions in the field and for managers or entrepreneurs who desire a better understanding of the technologies employed in developing commercial websites.

Certificate Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to evaluate web technologies for potential business solutions and apply e-commerce principles to design an e-business Website.

Program Requirements:
Units Required: 15

Principles of Electronic Commerce | 3 units
E-Business Strategy | 3 units
Website Development I | 3 units
Website Development II | 3 units
Web Development: Dreamweaver | 3 units
Computer Applications student at computer. photo © Robin Spurs

E-commerce credit card machines.