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Web Publishing and Design - Certificate of Achievement

The Web Publishing and Design certificate program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in front-end web development, web content management, design, and publishing. Front-end developers are not involved with programming or scripting competencies but are responsible for the design, look and feel, as well as usability and accessibility of websites. Students will develop proficiency with markup languages, cascading style sheets, web multimedia, content optimization, typography, graphic design, wireframing, prototype design, and the entire web development life-cycle process.

The Web Publishing and Design curriculum is a vocational program that reflects the multi-faceted nature of the competencies required to design, develop, and maintain web content. The proposed program is, therefore, interdisciplinary and draws from subjects taught in both CAWT and Graphics and Multimedia Design. In addition to preparing students for entry-level positions or promotion opportunities in the field of web publishing and design, the program provides a foundation for further studies in media studies, web authoring, graphic design and related areas, including web development, web application development, and advertising.

Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core skills and knowledge required for employment in the web publishing and design industry.

Program Requirements:
Units Required: 25.5

Introduction to Photoshop - Brief | 1.5 units
Introduction to WordPress | 1.5 units
Adobe Acrobat | 1.5 units
Website Development I | 3 units
Website Development II | 3 units
Web Development: Dreamweaver | 3 units
Web Prototyping and Images | 3 units
Graphic Design I | 3 units
Type and Typography | 3 units
Web page Design I | 3 units

Cooperative Work Experience Education | 1 unit

Computer Applications code on computer.

Computer Applications code on computer.