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Web Development - Certificate of Specialization

The certificate in website development affords students the opportunity to acquire basic skills related to the design, planning and realization of functional websites.

Many employers require their content developers to be proficient in markup languages, style sheets, generation of animated pages, and the latest authoring tools the primary skills targeted by this certificate. This program is designed for those interested in all aspects of frontend website development and especially those who are considering future study, career moves, and promotional opportunities related to this growing and continuously evolving area.

Certificate Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to plan and create a functional website.

Program Requirements:
Units Required: 15

Introduction to Photoshop - Brief | 1.5 units
Introduction to WordPress | 1.5 units
Website Development I | 3 units
Website Development II | 3 units
Web Development: Dreamweaver | 3 units
Web Prototyping and Images | 3 units
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