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Is Early Childhood Education right for you?


Do the following describe you?

You are excited about supporting children and families. You can explore what you can do with your passion for working with children and families.

You are open to new ideas and embrace change. The field of ECE is ever evolving as we discover more about children and their families and how we can best support them.

You value growth and reflection. There is always more to know and practitioners must act with intention.

You are equity minded. We serve diverse populations that deserve equal access to high quality services.

You have a commitment to ethical practices. We must always do what is morally and legally ethical for children and their families. We use developmentally appropriate practices and serve as advocates.

If so, Early Childhood Education may be the right field for you!

Children learning through playtime at Early Childhood Education.

Welcome Families! at Early Childhood Education class.

Careers in Early Childhood Education:

Teacher Assistant
Associate Teacher
Master Teacher
Site Supervisor
Program Director
Family Childcare Provider
Before and After School Care Provider
Home Visitor
Early Childhood Interventionist

Special areas of interest and additional careers working with Children and Families:
Pediatric Health Care
Family Therapy
Nutrition Specialist
Instructional Assistant
Child life Specialist
Curriculum Specialist
Program Consultant
Consumer Advocate
Occupational Therapist
TK-12 Teacher
Higher Education Faculty
Resource and Referral Program
Departments of Education
Human Service Agency/Social Work
Licensing Worker
Legislative Advocate
Family Law
Childrens Book Author