Contact Information

Email:  collette.gibson@canyons.edu
If you are one of my students, please email me through Canvas once classes have begun or our Canvas shell is available, approximately one week prior to the first day of the semester.  

Please see below for my planned syllabi and course information for Fall semester.

Contact Hours (office hours) via zoom for Fall 2020

Math 140/90:
Mondays 4-5 pm & Thursdays 2-3 pm, 8-9 pm

Math 100:
Sundays 8-9 pm & Tuesdays 8-9 pm & Thursdays 2-3 pm, 8-9 pm

Fall 2020 Classes 

My courses, and most at COC, have been converted into distance education.  I will be conducting live zoom sessions during our classtime.   

Math 140 & 90 (Statistics with Support)

Meeting on Tuesdays & Thursdays:  8:25-12:20 blending the lecture, lab, and support course

Since Math 140/90 meets for 4 hours at a time, I will discuss with this class the possibility of shifting a portion of our time to pre-recorded online sessions.  For any days that we meet for 4 hours straight, I will give students 2 breaks.   Syllabus to be posted.

Math 100 (Liberal Arts Mathematics)

Meeting on Mondays 12:30-1:50 or
Meeting on Wednesdays 12:30-1:50

These are two (2) separate sections.  Sign up for one or the other.  Most due dates for the two classes will be the same (most Fridays; some Thursdays), but the homework due dates will be either Monday or Wednesday to match your section.  I'm going to look into the possibility of combining the two classes into one Canvas shell.  Syllabus to preview; may change prior to first day of class.

Math Consortium

Please see the links below or to the right to access agendas, meeting summaries, and general information about the Math Consortium.