Mission Statement

Address the gaps in student success and to realign curriculum to support student outcomes by altering delivery methods to facilitate the transition from high school to college.


For meeting dates, agendas, summaries, and handouts, please visit the Math Consortium Meetings page.  

Math Consortium Contact 2019-2020

Please email Collette Gibson at collette.gibson@canyons.edu for additional information.  

Hart District Information

Math Course Sequence Flow Chart Grades 7-12 (2016)

Curriculum Map for Algebra 1, 2, and Geometry

CAASPP Results 2017 PowerPoint

CAASPP Results 2016 PowerPoint


COC Math Course Information

One new 3-unit Liberal Arts Math course (Math 100) and three new 1-unit co-requisite support labs (Math 90, 92, 93) are making their way through the COC curriculum approval process during 2018-2019 to be offered beginning 2019-2020. This is in response to AB705.

If you would like more information about AB705, some PowerPoint presentations are at the end of this paragraph.   One was presented at a Fall 2018 consortium meeting, and the other was a follow up to a Spring 2019 meeting where we needed to clarify placement for the high schools. 

Math Courses

Courses numbered 100 and above are transferrable.  Please verify with counseling regarding articulation agreements between COC and four-year colleges. 

Courses in bold print are offered with support courses.  Some students will place into Math 140, or Math 103, or Math 102 with support.  

Stand alone courses:
Math 140: Statistics
Math 100: Liberal Arts Mathematics
Math 111: Finite Math 
Math 130: Math for Elementary School Teachers 

Business path:  
Math 103: College Algebra
Math 240: Math Analysis for Business and Social Sciences

Many business majors will also need to take Math 140:  Statistics. 

STEM path:
Math 102: Trigonometry 
Math 104: Precalculus
Math 211: Calculus I
Math 212: Calculus II
Math 213: Calculus III
Math 214: Linear Algebra
Math 215: Differential Equations

College algebra topics are included within Math 104:  Precalculus.


A link to the math placement levels chart is on the Math Department Homepage.  

A link to course outlines via eLumen is also available on the Math Department Homepage.

Not degree applicable: 
Math 058 or 059: Algebra Preparation and Math 060: Elementary Algebra. 
The number of these courses that will be offered in 2019-2020 is much smaller due to AB705.  

Associate degree applicable:   
Math 070: Intermediate Algebra, Math 075: Intermediate Algebra for Statistics, and Math 083: Geometry. 

New support classes: 
Math 090:  Support for Statistics, Math 092:  Support for Trigonometry, and Math 093:  Support for College Algebra. 
(Students who in previous years would have placed into below transfer level math courses will now be offered the opportunity to enroll into Math 102 or 103 or 140 as long as they take the support course with it.)