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Honors Academic Program

Welcome to the College of the Canyons Honors Program. 

The COC Honors Program provides students with a competitive edge when seeking admittance into a 4-year college or university. As college entrance requirement become more competitive, it is imperative for transfer students to maximize their chances of acceptance. Fulfilling the requirements of the COC Honors Program will demonstrate academic motivation and dedication to potential colleges.

Dr. Miriam S. Golbert
Honors Faculty Coordinator

 Dr. Miriam S. Golbert | COC Honors Faculty Coordinator,


Mission Statement

The Honors Program at College of the Canyons offers an enriched curriculum to students with a strong academic record in order to increase their chances for successful transfer to competitive four-year institutions. Through seminar-style classes, special projects, and community activities, the program provides opportunities for critical thinking, extensive writing, and in-depth learning in a wide variety of transferable general education courses. 

Vision Statement

The Honors Program at College of the Canyons is dedicated to providing a dynamic, enriched educational curriculum for academically motivated students that emphasizes scholastic excellence, strives for innovation in teaching and learning, and fosters the growth of individuals who are imaginative, dedicated,and excited about their short- and long-term academic goals.