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Phone Number

Valencia Campus Library   661-362-3361
Canyon Country Campus Library   661-362-3854
Erin Barnthouse Librarian/Collection Development & Technical & Online Services 661-362-3363
Sara Breshears Librarian 661-362-3763
Melinda Gray LMT I, Public Services 661-362-3361
Peter Hepburn Head Librarian 661-362-3758
Edwin Pejoro LMT IV 661-362-3605
Erin Pinheiro LMT I, Technical Services 661-362-3609
Collette Salvatierra Librarian, Canyon Country Campus 661-362-3854
Nick Schutz LMT I, Public Services 661-362-3361
Jennifer Thompson Librarian 661-362-3103


Adjunct Librarians