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Library Locations and Facilities

The Library has a physical facility on each COC campus: Valencia and Canyon Country.

The Valencia Campus library holds the majority of the print and media collections. The facility also provides group study spaces and computer terminals. Most staff are located at the Valencia Campus library. The building in which the library is located is shared with the TLC and the Assessment Center.

Study rooms are available at the Valencia Campus library, mostly on the second floor. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rooms are not available for individual study.

The Canyon Country Campus library is a one-room facility that holds a small print and media collection and offers a half-dozen computer work stations for use.

Both campus libraries have print stations (black and white only, no color printing). Printing can only be done from the library computers. The cost is 10 cents per page. In order to print in the library students must purchase a print card (a machine is available in the Valencia campus library; at Canyon Country, there is a machine in the TLC). The card costs $1, and the card will come loaded with 50 cents of value on it. Additional value can be added to the card. The print card machine does not accept credit or debit cards, or coins. To purchase a card, a one-dollar bill is required.

Items may be placed in book drops when the library is closed. There are book drops located outside the library on each campus.

Map of the Valencia Campus

Map of the Canyon Country Campus