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Donated funding, YOUR donation, helps alleviate the cost that the program bears for students to go to NASA sites each year. This funding makes a difference in the life of each student who is able to experience it with the support of our community donors like you. 

the group of stem students that participate in the program stand in rows in front of a sculpture in the college honor grove

Our Generous Donors

Thank you to the generous donors that have made a difference in the lives of STEM students!

Platinum Level ($1000+)

Hello Subaru


Gold ($500+)

Arnold Sisk


Silver ($100+)

Glenda Perl
Adel Villalobos
Joseph Klocko


Mylar ($50+)

Clifton DeMartini
David Carlson
Kasandra Stahl
Roberta Ciardi
Jerry DeFelice
Sad Asaad