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NASA RockOn!

The College of the Canyons NASA Student Engagement Program participates in the NASA RockOn! program to send students to hands-on workshops at NASA Wallops Flight Facility. Most importantly, the RockOn! program is designed for collegiate students and faculty with no prior experience! The program provides a guided experience where participants are taught how to assemble and integrate a NASA experiment into a rocket that is ultimately launched into space on the final day of the workshop. Participants learn skills such as coding, soldering, mechanical and electrical integration, and experiment design. Following the launch, the data collected from the experiment's brief flight in space is analyzed and processed by participants, concluding the full life cycle of a research mission.

College of the Canyons has been a regular participant in the RockOn! program and is proud to send multiple students each year. This is a unique entry-level experience that is a gateway to more advanced missions like NASA HASP or RockSatX. Additionally, students selected to attend have the opportunity to network with fellow attending collegiate teams and NASA representatives. 

For more information about the NASA RockOn! program at large, visit the NASA RockOn! Official Webpage