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View current and former rosters of students impacted by the NASA Student Engagement Program projects!

  • Name Area of Interest
    Scarlett Anderson Physics
    Vishal Anil Aerospace Engineering
    Aram Aprahamian Coding/Computer Science
    Daniel Begel Computer Engineering
    Caden Carlson Coding/Computer Science
    Elias Castro Engineering/Project Management
    Brandon Chang Aerospace Engineering
    German Cruz Coding/Computer Science
    Cameron DeMartini Aerospace Engineering
    Isabella Erickson Physics
    Shaun Ford Coding/Computer Science
    Mark Fullton Coding/Computer Science
    Omkar Guha Science
    Noy Hakobyan Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
    Brando Higgins Aerospace Engineering & Coding/Computer Science
    Owen Higgins Coding/Computer Science
    Roger (Zihao) Hong Coding/Computer Science & Engineering & Science
    Gabriel Huntley Electrical Engineering
    Logan Jambe Aerospace Engineering
    Ryan Jones Mechanical Engineering
    Nikhilesh Kalyanaraman Aerospace & Electrical Engineering
    Clarice Kim Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
    Charlee Leatherberry Mechanical Engineering
    Salvador Luna Mechanical Engineering
    MaryAnne Napierala BioPhysics
    Camden Otton Mechanical Engineering
    Vatche Patrikyan Computer Science
    Derek Peraza Electrical Engineering
    Lasiana Portugal Aerospace Engineering
    Melissa Rocha Human Behavior, Mathematics, Data Analysis, Research, & Physics
    Amir Shahla Engineering/Project Management/Science
    Keming Sheng Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
    Maggy Soda Astrophysics
    Christian Soltanian Aerospace Engineering
    Ethan Strickland Aerospace/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering & Coding/Computer Science
    Sricharan Vagvala Coding/Computer Science & Mechanical Engineering & Science
    Srinidhi Srinivasasubbu Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering, & Coding/Computer Science
    Noah VanGerpen Mechanical Engineering/Marketing
    Dane Verkouteren Electrical Engineering
    Angelina Yalda Mechanical Engineering
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